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Jessica K. graduated from college with a B.A. in English, two years of experience writing for her collegiate newspaper, and respectable training in academic, creative, and technical writing.

Post-college, Jessica moved overseas to spread her passion for writing to others. Jessica has taught English on Guam and in the Marshall Islands, both to native- and non-native English speakers. Her experience as a secondary teacher has strengthened her usage of grammatical conventions and her own personal prowess as a writer.

The majority of Jessica's published writing has been in journalistic format, whether in news articles, personal essays, or answers to advice columns. While journalism itself is a narrow field in the writing arena, the variety of article types she has produced prove her writing style is flexible, ready to be molded to fit the needs of clients and readers.


Jessica specializes in the following: creative writing, beauty and health articles, entertainment reviews, informational content, instructional content, product descriptions and reviews, and social media content. She is open to pursuing any writing needs a client may have.


Jessica loves reading classic and contemporary literature and learning about different cultures and lifestyles around the globe. She is passionate about teaching others how to think critically and how to communicate their meaning effectively through speech and writing.


Bob Jones University


2 Projects Completed

The majority of Jessica's published writing has been in journalistic format, specifically in personal essays or answers in advice columns. A common thread in these writing types is relationships, as people have much to say and much they desire answered on the subject. Jessica's tone and writing style for these pieces has been conversational; however, she is also able to produce formal, science-based articles on the psychology at work in relationships as well.


2 Projects Completed

Jessica’s journalistic experience has required her to write research-based articles using information from experts in the field as well as credible print and online sources. College-age students were the audience for these pieces, so the tone of her sample is informal. In fact, most of her researched articles are conversational while still conveying accurate information.

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