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Megan has been a writer in numerous capacities over the past twenty years. As a student, she chose two writing-intensive majors (Spanish and Sociology), opting to write a thesis on the latter during her senior year. After college, she spent fourteen months working as a college admission counselor where, in addition to her presenting and interviewing duties, she also crafted language for the office's social media outlets and reviewed more than five hundred college applications. Now, in addition to her role as a copywriter, manager, and strategist at a design agency, Megan works as an independent tutor with students in need of assistance in thinking through, crafting, and submitting their college essays. On her own time, Megan is an avid runner (working on marathon number four!), reader, and blogger - she channels her love of running into a blog, Run Along, so that her friends don't have to hear her talk about it all day long. Writing always feels like a privilege, not a job, and Megan is excited to join the WriterAccess community.
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Megan is an avid runner, and lifelong athlete. She has completed three marathons, six half marathons, a Tough Mudder, and innumerable shorter races. She has made a study of her own fitness routine, and has extensive personal experience. She keeps her own fitness-related blog, Run Along, to share her thoughts on the benefits of running and staying active.

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Megan keeps her own blog, Run Along, to track her thoughts on running, recipes, and staying active. In college, she was entirely responsible for the creation and generation of the career center's social media output. During her summers, she interned at a large entertainment company as a social media assistant. In her first year after college, Megan was responsible for the social media output for her admission office. Megan is responsible for the management and content output of her office's design- and creativity-based blog.

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