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Rick has 30 years of experience in marketing, advertising, marketing research and consulting for major corporations, including P&G, Campbell's, Pillsbury, GTE Directories, Long John Silver's, Wendy's, General Electric, Safeway, Checkfree, Atari, The Berry Company and many others. He also started and ran two successful companies.

Rick has been a freelance writer for seven years, penning articles for both print and online publications. His 5,000+ articles have appeared in the Houston Chronicle and on eHow, AZ Central Business, Livestrong, DIY Guide, Global Post, Synonym, The Nest Woman, Zack's Finance and Business.com. He's also ghost-written more than 700 articles and developed product descriptions, sales letters, brochures, booklets, data sheets, business plans, press releases, instruction manuals, newsletters and reports for clients.

Rick is the author of two published novels and three novelettes. He earned his bachelor's degree in business from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio). He also has an MBA from California Coast University.


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Rick has written many interesting articles on marketing, management, consumer research, management, organizational structure, buying behavior, careers, job search strategies, advertising, business opportunities, working from home, freelancing and others business-related topics.


Rick has penned articles on allergies, diets, exercise, multiple chemical sensitivities, colon hydrotherapy, nutrition, injury prevention and treatments and much more.

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Rick has written and published three novels and six novelettes. He's also provided research and editing work on a dozen other fiction and nonfiction titles.

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