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Michelle completed her first book at the age of four. Meaning, of course, that she stapled five pieces of lined paper together and wrote a story about pencil family (sans vowels), but in the spirit of transparency, it starts there.

By ten or eleven, Michelle was writing mock-Seuss poetry (much to her future chagrin) and publishing in local newsletters and church bulletins. By twenty, she was working on her Bachelor's degree in English and thought she was the next Steinbeck. Michelle blogged as if the apocalypse were on the horizon and waited to be discovered. Instead, she got a much-needed, proverbial thump on the head (a literal one may have worked just as well) and frantically destroyed all traces of her blogging persona. Seriously, she was like a cyber-bull in a cyber-china shop with a cyber-sledgehammer.

The aforementioned thump was inspired, ironically, by academia. To pass the time while waiting to be discovered, Michelle opted to pursue a Master's degree in Liberal Studies. As the semesters progressed, Michelle's knowledge expanded. As Michelle's knowledge expanded, she realized knew absolutely nothing. About anything. The world was turning out to be a set of never-ending matryoshka dolls: for each book opened, twenty-five more which would supplement it; for each thought, hundreds leading to its conclusion; for each world, another and another and another within it.

Thus began the soaking. Immersed in world literature, critical theory, and the arts at the graduate level and armed with an academic background in English, Michelle and her writing became fully engaged in reality. Also significantly, the degree required that she write -- academically and creatively -- approximately 100 pages a semester. The practice and inspiration there acquired resulted in two creative nonfiction publications in the university journal, three short stories published in an international magazine, and invitations to two National Conferences: in New Orleans, LA and Washington, D.C., respectively. After receiving her MA in Liberal Studies, Michelle was asked to return to her alma mater to present her Thesis to the Faculty and other Graduate Students.

And so it is that, despite the apparent failure of her first publication and the glaring epiphany that she did not know everything at 20-something, Michelle's passion for writing and innate need to contribute to the world appears here. She offers well-roundedness, professionalism, objectivity, and flawless grammar. Also wit, but only if you so choose.

Your project needs this kind of enthusiasm.
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Michelle very much dislikes the cliche, "Jack of all trades, Master of none." She's not a big cliche fan in general, but this one implies that knowledge of many things cannot in itself be a Specialty. The lines we - you or I - can draw between two seemingly unconnected points in our lives or in history can make the world whole. Our knowledge and empathy for one another has that power. She knows this seems terribly lofty and perhaps a little melodramatic, but it is her Specialty: drawing lines.


Michelle enjoys reading (gasp!), painting, gardening, walking (running too, if she's had too much caffeine), skiing, and photography. Watching her enjoy her interests is often interesting to others as she's not terribly coordinated.


Louisiana State University - Shreveport

The English degree at LSUS offers coursework in academic and creative writing as well as extensive studies in Greek, Roman, British, and American Literature.

Barry University

Put simply, the Master’s Degree in Liberal Studies provides an interdisciplinary conceptualization of history. It especially focuses on the human condition as it relates to theories of social justice, philosophy, technology, literature, and art throughout history.


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Michelle has been an ordained Minister in a non-denominational Christian church since 2002. Through her writing, she is able to make the ebb and flow of spirituality in daily life tangible. Her spiritual writing is a combination of art and optimism, dogma and realism. It is enriched by her apparent empathy and strengthened by her openness to all faith backgrounds. More concretely, Michelle's graduate degree in Liberal Studies offered extensive coursework in ethics, religion, and cultural diversity.


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Michelle is the mother of a six-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy and was also a kid once. Her memory is astounding. Additionally, Michelle has a Master's degree in Liberal Studies, during which she studied ethics in light of childhood as well as cultural diversity in childhood development. She has written a sometimes profound but mostly hysterical blog to her children. Perhaps most importantly, Michelle has had multiple enlightening conversations with her daughter, during most of which Michelle realizes she knows nothing and apparently, on her trip through the birth canal, her daughter learned it all.


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Like many humans, Michelle thinks of hysterical quips and witty comebacks 45-minutes after a conversation has ended. Fortunately, writing offers up a forum by which she can rebuild her self-esteem after a series of nuh-uhs and your-momma retorts. Not to mention, the majority of humorous material is a gift offered up by the masses rather than actual talent. I mean, for Pete's sake, just go to a laundromat or the food court at the mall: people have their children on leashes and cram 40lbs of derriere into a 30lb max container. They're the funny ones; she is but a messenger.

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Michelle has dabbled in blogs since the invention of the internet, mostly as a forum with which to entertain those close to her. But as of late, the entertainment blogs that she once considered only a creative outlet are also generating a fair amount of positive feedback and general interest has soared.

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