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Brennen is a highly experienced writer who has been creating creative content on his own for years, and moved into professional writing at the start of 2014. He used his creative writing abilities and the years writing in college as a means of supplemental income. His freelance writing consisted of a broad range of topics, including law, technology, and health subjects. He received consistently high praise from his clients thanks to an engaging style, grammatically immaculate copy, and proper editing on every piece. After several months, one of these clients -- a marketing startup called Rank Executives -- offered him a full-time position to assist with editing content.

After accepting this position, Brennen found himself immersed in the world of Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing. Much of his time was spent editing content. However, he used his free hours to study SEO and eventually moved into content marketing. After researching the subject, he started implementing the strategies he learned to develop further the material he edited. Eventually, he was granted the title "Director of Content" and tasked with managing the entire content creation process from the first idea to final publication. In his capacity, he worked with a number of clients in industries ranging from safety to ecommerce, retail, and more. He has also taken up responsibility for managing the internal blogs for these customers.

While business continues to improve, Brennen finds himself seeking additional income beyond his current salary. To help him out with this he has turned to WriterAccess, where he hopes to leverage his professional and personal experience into valuable supplementary income.
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Indian River State College

Brennen earned his associate's degree from Indian River State College in 2010. He was able to earn his 2-year degree in only one due to a combination of duel-enrollment credits earned while in high school, and attending class during the summer. He managed to graduate with a 3.8 GPA, and moved on to Florida State University after completing his degree.

Florida State University

Brennen studied history at Florida State University, focusing on Chinese history and especially the rise of communism. He enrolled in FSU after acquiring his Associates degree from Indian River State College. He managed to graduate in Winter of 2012 with a 3.65 GPA.


19 Projects Completed

Brennen has worked in marketing for over a year now, and has already risen to a senior management position in the marketing startup he presently works for. His skills are primarily focused in web marketing, and include a focus on SEO and content marketing. He writes content for his company blog in addition to maintaining the blogs of several clients.


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While not a professional, Brennen has taken undergraduate criminal law courses and is familiar with various legal resources to ensure content accuracy to include Lexis-Nexis. He understands the value of precedence and the letter of the law in determining cases along with basic level legal theory. This makes him useful as a ghostwriter for law firms dealing in criminal defense. As a consequence of his job, he has also learned basics on personal injury law.


30 Projects Completed

Brennen is very familiar with the creation of articles for use in blogs. He has spent the past year writing and editing blog posts, and uses that experience to acquire jobs online and regularly produce high-quality written material.

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One of Brennen's many duties as content director is making sure web copy is created for clients that need it. He often takes up the task of creating this copy himself. All web copy he creates is optimized for a specific keyword and is crafted according to SEO best practices. However, he considers the human element to be absolutely vital, and when forced to choose between that and SEO value, errs on the side of human interaction.

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