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An independent writer, Dustin has authored over 1,200 articles as a contributor at an internationally prominent news website. In addition to his work with that organization, he is a copywriter for an eco-conscious, green design company, and a published author with numerous works of independent fiction to his credit.


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Green Products

Since July of 2014, Dustin has authored a weekly blog for a green design company, addressing a variety of topics related to sustainability and eco-conscious living.


As part of his work with an international news website, Dustin has written a variety of articles documenting new record releases, as well as issues directly pertaining to the entertainment industry.

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Summary of Product Experience


As a contributing writer at an international news website, Dustin has authored over 1,200 articles in the last year, covering a wide variety of topics. Addressing subjects as diverse as ecology, finance, entertainment and science, these articles range from basic summaries of current events to in-depth analyses of cultural issues.

Blog Post

In his capacity as a copywriter for a company focused on green design and products, Dustin has authored a blog that addresses a variety of topics related both directly and incidentally to the sustainability movement.


Over the course of the last several years, Dustin has independently published a small variety of creative fiction works, including both short stories and novellas. Released through a range of online retailers, these books have found their own audience among fans of adventure and science fiction.

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