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Cynthia has been a ghost writer for several years, writing articles about numerous topics. These include ecommerce, health and nutrition, supplements, natural cures, HVAC and home repair, animals, education and testing, environment, travel, and science. She is a contributing author on Ezine as well as other article marketing sites. Being a former teacher, she enjoys informing and educating.


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  • Education20+
  • Nutrition10+
  • Health10+

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Cynthia excels at general informational articles. From writing sample SAT questions to articles about caring for animals, she writes in a concise manner to educate the reader.


Cynthia has produced many articles used on websites for nutritional supplements and posted for article marketing


Cynthia has completed many articles for nutritional websites. Being a ghost writer also, she wrote several for individuals to be used at their discretion.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+

Summary of Product Experience


Working full-time for several years, Cynthia has produced hundreds of articles ranging from science to e-commerce.

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