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David has worked as a professional designer, illustrator, and writer since the mid-1990s in the marketing, branding, and communication fields, in the areas of corporate communication, eCommerce, consumer goods, health services, clinical studies, children's publishing, and retail. He is a strong advocate for individual creative expression, having incorporated that sensibility into his professional work environments while encouraging it among his peers.

Writing has held a major role throughout David's career. It has served as a critical tool in client relations and as the primary medium for internal and external corporate communications. Additionally, David has experience with copywriting for product description pages used in eCommerce, print and online advertisements, and brand identity style guides among many other corporate needs. Drawing from his creative roots as a fiction writer and graphic designer, he aims to create engaging and memorable messages within the confines of business writing.

David holds an MFA in Creative and Professional Writing from Western Connecticut State University, which focused on corporate communication along with short fiction. He also possesses a BFA in Fine Arts, specializing in graphic design, illustration, and creative writing.

In his spare time, David enjoys a keen passion for writing and publishing short fiction. He is also working on a few books, including a collection of essays about creativity in business and two individual biographies.
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David specializes in business writing in any format or outlet with a focus on using clear, personable, and direct language that is easy for the audience to follow. Other specialty areas include creative nonfiction, short fiction, social media, and blogs.


David's interests in writing are wide and varied: technology, green energy, medical science, psychology, human behavior, earth science, anthropology, creativity, fiction, business, social media, mass communication, public relations, entrepreneurism, book reviews, art, music, history, and culture.


University of Bridgeport

While a student at University of Bridgeport, David pursued a major in Fine Arts, which was designed as an encompassing program for various creative disciplines available at the time. In David's case, he focused his studies on graphic design, illustration, printmaking, and creative writing. He explored interdisciplinary approaches to his artworks, which included the combining his creative writing with painting and printmaking.

Western Connecticut State University

WestConn's Writing MFA program is designed for students to pursue a professional genre alongside a creative genre. In David's case, his primary genre was corporate communication and his secondary focused on creative short fiction.

During the week-long MFA residencies, held twice a year, David became the go-to guy for all things regarding social media. This led to a series of social media workshops he created with emphasis on writers developing their online personas and platforms.

David's graduate thesis was a collection of linked essays on creativity in business. The essays share his professional experiences, lessons, observations, and recommendations for entry level and mid-career creative professionals in the business world.


250 Projects Completed

During his pursuit of an MFA in Creative and Professional Writing, David wrote a series of linked essays and compiled them as a book on creativity in business for his thesis. This book explores the various roles creativity plays in different business settings, the impact culture and environment have on creativity, and relates personal experiences as a shared learning resource for young creatives at the start of their careers. David is pursuing possible publication of this book in the near future.


109 Projects Completed

The majority of David’s career has overlapped with marketing as an art director, writer, designer, and eCommerce manager. He has collaborated with marketing professionals on developing advertising and marketing campaigns for a variety of clients. Campaigns typically covered a wide array of formats and media, which included traditional print and outdoor media as well as digital formats for eCommerce and the selling of services.

In more recent years David has been applying his corporate experience in marketing to social media with a focus on helping small businesses, brand and platform building for independent creative professionals, and writing about best practices in using social media for marketing and promotions. He has also returned to one of his favorite subjects to write about holistic branding.


7 Projects Completed

Though new to writing about health as a professional writer, David is well-versed in a number of health, medical, and dental topics. He has a high aptitude for learning about medicine and its impact on the various systems of the human body. Much of his knowledge was gained through his own research and meeting with medical professionals in addressing congenital neurological conditions suffered by members of his family. He has since expanded upon this interest in writing about migraines and other neuropathic issues on his blog.

Blog Post

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As a creative professional working in the corporate world and as an independent author, David has written a series of blogs on the topics of business, fiction, medical issues, book reviews, and creativity since 2010. Blog subjects have included: marketing and branding, employees' best business practices, lessons learned from professional experiences, personal and family medical issues that have had an impact on his professional life, explorations of creativity and fear in both business and fiction, historical dentist facts, home improvement, travel, auto care, and car shopping.

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Since entering the content marketing business in 2015, David has written about 100 web pages of permanent web content. He takes a thorough approach to researching topics and the client before writing, and combines first-hand knowledge from real-life experiences to create well-rounded material. Businesses and industries he has written web content for include auto dealerships, travel, HVAC, home improvement, health insurance, marketing agencies, and rehabilitation resource programs.

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David has a long-standing relationship with an independent publisher that includes a mixture of writing and design services. Within the writing area, he manages the copywriting for advertisements, sell sheets, the publisher's website and blog, and social media campaigns. He has successfully used Twitter to boost web traffic to the publisher's website during new publication launches with a notable impact on book sales on eCommerce retail partner sites.

White Paper

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Though he is new to publishing white papers, the subject matter, research, and writing style is far from new. David has been writing professional content of this ilk for many years in corporate and agency settings in the forms of IT process documentations, corporate branding guidelines, and HR new hire literature. In the sample below, David pulled from his experience and knowledge of corporate culture and intranet development, creating a holistic document that exceeded the customer's expectations.


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As part of his MFA Writing thesis on creativity in business, David wrote the following essay to bring the book to a close. He reminds the reader the significance of avoiding complacency and mediocrity, why standing out is a key to success.

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