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Emmet has been a full-time professional content writer for ten years. He has a bachelor's degree in biology and 15 years' experience as a software engineer. He has written more than 20,000 articles, primarily on computers, medicine, health, law and automotive repair. Emmet has Premium Certification from WriterAccess in General Writing, Copywriting, Journalism and Technical Writing. He also has Elite badges from WriterAccess in High Tech, Software, Health, Auto and Garden.


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Industry Projects

  • Health1,000+
  • Medical1,000+
  • High Tech1,000+
  • Software1,000+
  • Garden1,000+
  • Auto500+
  • Finance500+
  • Legal500+
  • Education500+

Summary of Industry Experience


Emmet has written thousands of articles on health topics. The intended audience for these articles ranges from the lay reader with no expertise in medicine to medical professionals. These articles include general overviews of a particular disease as well as home treatments for minor health problems. Many of these articles have strict sourcing guidelines.


Emmet has a bachelor's degree with a major in biology. He has written thousands of articles on medical topics, many of which are intended for medical professionals. These articles include summaries of medical studies, especially drug research.

High Tech

Emmet has written thousands of articles on a variety of technical subjects. Many of these articles provide the usage for a specific command in a programming language. Other articles in this category consist of an overview of a recent technological development or a repair procedure for a piece of equipment.


Emmet has 15 years of experience as a software engineer and has written at least 1,000 articles on a variety of programming topics. Many of these articles describe the usage for a specific command in a programming language. Other articles in this category provide general instructions for using a particular application.


Emmet has written approximately 1,000 articles on home & garden topics. Most of these articles provide instructions for planting a particular species of plant. These articles typically include the scientific name of the plant and history of the plant. Additional information in these articles includes the environmental requirements for the plant and its commercial uses.


Emmet has written several hundred articles on automobiles. These articles are primarily how-to articles for replacing a particular component in a specific model. The articles typically specify the engines and model years for which the instructions apply. They also list the tools required for each procedure, including proprietary tools.


Emmet has written several hundred articles on finance. These articles include general overviews on a particular topic in finance. They may also describe calculations commonly used in finance, such as interest on a loan. These articles typically provide a definition for each of the terms and provide specific examples for the calculation.


Emmet has written over 500 articles on legal topics. These articles appear on the blogs of many attorneys throughout the United States. The articles primarily deal with current legal events within the attorneys' area of practice and geographical location. Some of these legal articles are an analysis of a particular legal issue.


Emmet has written several hundred articles on educational topics. These articles often describe the requirements for an educational program or discuss the challenges of obtaining a particular credential. Emmet's educational articles may also describe a classroom experiment, including the needed materials and appropriate grade range for the experiment.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • White Paper50+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Most of Emmet's writing is in the form of blog posts. He has written thousands of them in a variety of voices, ranging from conversational to authoritative. Blog posts are also Emmet's most common source of client endorsements.

White Paper

Emmet has extensive experience in writing premium-level white papers. The primary purpose of these articles is typically to influence the purchase decision of a C-level executive. His primary area of expertise in this type of writing is Information Technology, especially Information Security.

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