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Lisa took a years worth of writing courses via Institute for Children's Literature but was unable to continue. Since then she has found a new job, got married, had a child, moved and started on her life memoir.

She has written a few articles for her local newspaper The Morgan Hill Times. One of the Editors enjoyed her writing so much he asked her to join his writing group. This group came together weekly to discuss various community subjects like new schools, new housing, elections and worldly news. They came up with new story ideas from these discussions. Unfortunately the newspaper closed it's doors two years ago and she has been unable to find a platform to continue her writing.

Lisa also writes songs and poetry.

In her current job where she works as the Office Manager she writes letters for the company to big name customers such as GE Healthcare and Jabil Circuits.
She also writes letters to various companies verifying employees employment and she writes letters to employees describing benefits, time off and employee warnings.

Lisa owns a shelf full of books on writing and grammar.


Lisa is looking for an outlet to express her love for writing. She loves to read all the latest scoops on movies stars and musicians.


Lisa's runs an Etsy shop which she sells hand made jewelry, cupcake stands, invitations and party decorations. She loves to create and craft. She also runs an official Twitter and Instagram fan page for What Could Possibly Go Wrong on the Science Channel. Running this fan site gives her direct access and communication between the fans of the show and the two stars Dr. Kevin Moore and Grant Reynolds.


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Lisa has written at least one hundred letters of various types. Having been the top of her class in a office management course she learned the basics and beyond of writing letters and is very articulate with her grammar and punctuation.


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Lisa wrote three articles for the Morgan Hill Times in her town of Morgan Hill, California. The articles ranged from discussing parents driving to stereotyping.

Lisa is also beginning her life Memoir. Having had a very troubled childhood she is writing all her experiences living with an alcoholic mother and being adopted.


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Lisa is American/Mexican born and raised in sunny California as well as both her parents and one grandparent. She grew up in a bilingual household but was never spoken to directly in Spanish. Her first and only language is English. Although Lisa does not particularly look Hispanic when she decides to grocery shop at the local store which is 100% employed by Spanish speaking employees she feels belittled and mistreated because she does not speak Spanish.

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