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Writing experience falls into four primary categories:

1. Writing, translating and editing for nonprofit organizations
- Contributed content to country reports and context analyses for local partners, advocacy groups, and global constituents.
- Extensive experience writing for Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting (PMER).
- Edited Spanish language public policy research and publications.
- Researched and wrote internal memos to inform and craft organizational policy.
- Designed and wrote manuals for country office tasks, job descriptions, and personnel reviews.
- Translated and edited all of the above between English and Spanish.

2. Curriculum writing for middle school science
- Researched, wrote, and designed year-long curriculum for 8th grade science in Pennsylvania, including diagnostic, formative, and evaluative assessments.
- Wrote lesson plans for 6th-8th grade science with a focus on content and strategies for inquiry learning.

3. Academic writing
- Published book review in a peer-reviewed journal.
- Wrote numerous research papers in the social sciences.

4. Magazine and blog writing
- Covered various topics related to beer and brewing.
- Currently specialize in coverage related to South American and Chinese craft beer.
Non Profit
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- Contributing to and designing mechanisms for Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting at all stages of the process.
- English-Spanish translation.
- Formal academic writing in the humanities, especially political science, sociology, and history.
- Extensive knowledge regarding the Bolivian beer industry.


1. Issues in climate change and the environment, such as innovations for to adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change, as well as water policy, management, and issues surrounding the privatization of water supplies.

2. International aid and development generally, with expertise on issues surrounding Bolivia, such as the price of quinoa and its influence on growers and public health, Bolivian indigenous movements, and Bolivian domestic politics.

3. Culture and its forms of production, specifically regarding conceptions of masculinity in Latin America and what these mean for issues of violence and poverty

4. Food and drink culture, with extensive knowledge and experience writing about international craft beer movements, and other interests in encouraging people to cook their own food and eat healthier diets.


University of Pennsylvania

Earned a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania secondary science teaching certificate through the Graduate School of Education.

Whitworth University

Earned a bachelor's degree in the political science department.

Non Profit

10 Projects Completed

Worked in Bolivia as a low-level manager for an international non-profit serving numerous office support roles. Provided administrative and analytical support for the publications put together by the country office, including contextual analysis, editing, English-Spanish translation, and policy writing.


2 Projects Completed

Primarily focused on travel writing within the context of beer blogging, but also had an article commissioned by a mainstream beer magazine for their web content. Topics have largely focused on the small Bolivian craft beer scene, but have also included forays into Chilean, Argentine, Chinese, and Vietnamese beer as well.

Blog Post

30 Projects Completed

Have been blogging regularly since 2004 for various outlets on topics including music review, concert reviews, religion, politics, international aid and development, beer, and brewing.

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