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Kit has been a writer for most of his life, continuously expanding his areas of expertise through self-guided study. An experienced mindfulness teacher, he volunteers his time with at-risk youth, as well as teaching within the community. His photography has been on showcased locally in several venues. An active member of the North Fork Writers Group, he is a proud contributor to an anthology. Currently working as a film archivist, Kit keeps a finger on the pulse of changing trends in entertainment in technology. He is an avid reader with a keen interest in history, science, sociology, theology, and philosophy, all of which suffuses his work in every venue.


Changing technologies in entertainment media
Historical context for evolving landscapes in societal and technical fields
Integration of mindfulness into a modern milieu
Expression of ideas across varying informational platforms


Mindfulness Meditation & Instruction
Creative Writing
Research - particularly historical


Binghamton University

Kit studied across multiple disciplines including philosophy, performing arts, astronomy, and several other areas in addition to his double major of Creative Writing and Comparative literature and his minor in Cinema.


1 Projects Completed

Kit has been steeped in the revolution of technology which is sweeping film production by helping spearhead the switch to a digital platform in his office. His ongoing examination of the interplay between technology and human and societal development frequently leads to poignant observations on both.


1 Projects Completed

Kit has developed an ability to fold his interest in subjects such as history, literature, and theology into an examination of modern life, placing current events into a broader human perspective. The following article was published in July of 2014 and makes reference to events which have subsequently changed.

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