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Geri earned her bachelor's degree in Journalism in 2013, but her writing journey begins beyond that. Creatively, she's be writing for 10+ years, which includes the blog she's been operating for three years.

Geri's expertise ranges from creative to blog to PR writing, . She also has experience in business and academic writing. With her experience in writing comes an equal amount editing. Through each project, Geri has developed her self-editing skills through necessity. With hardly anyone around to edit her work, she's developed into her own critical editor.

Currently, Geri works as an independent contractor, lending her skills to those in need of Copy Writers as well as Technical Writing.


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Geri C's Email Copy Product Experience

100 Projects Completed

Geri has written lots of e-mail copy whether for student organizations, internships or jobs. Experuence is 5+ years.

Industry Projects

  • Fashion20+
  • Food20+
  • Non Profit4

Summary of Industry Experience


From 2013 to 2015, Geri worked with a clothing brand as the communication director. She edited web content and wrote press releases, media alerts, internal communications, social media content, and campaign plans.


Geri interned for a food comany for 1.5 years. Situated in a university setting, she has written press releases, created news stories, provided copy for ads, and designed promotional posters.

Non Profit

Geri interned with a local branch of a national non profit org for a year. She has wriiten content for the web - sample below - social media, and external communications. She's even edited content written by fellow interns.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Email Copy100+
  • Script/Video10+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Being a self-proclaimed media junkie, Geri often blogs about tv shows, books and the like. The sample provided shows that. She's also blogged about personal lessons, social issues, and events she's chosen to attend.

Email Copy

Geri has written lots of e-mail copy whether for student organizations, internships or jobs. Experuence is 5+ years.


This sample represents Geri's experience as script writer at her former university's campus news program. The show presented campus news but in the less traditional way.

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