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Kenneth has been writing professionally for over five years. The bulk of his experience comes from working for a digital marketing agency in Indianapolis, Ind. While there, he wrote thousands of pieces, ranging from advice articles for teenagers traveling abroad to website content for cloud computing providers. He has experience writing and editing for clients in industries such as non-profit agencies, private health insurance, marketing--both traditional and digital, technology service providers, and holiday decorations, among others.

Kenneth excels at producing tight, targeted copy that engages readers, all while adhering to stringent deadlines. He has spent the majority of his career writing thousands of words per week, balancing that with editorial duties, client communication, brainstorming, and researching and writing company procedures and regulations. He's a nimble writer, able to jump between wildly different projects without hesitation, crafting perfect prose for clients.

His research prowess allows him to find and properly cite respected sources for his pieces. His experience with diverse clients has honed his ability to learn about industries quickly and write on them intelligently within a short time.

Combining his quick learning, knowledge of a variety of writing styles and industries, writing speed and his ability to craft quality copy, Kenneth quickly becomes the go-to writer for difficult assignment everywhere he goes.


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Industry Projects

  • High Tech1,000+
  • Marketing500+

Summary of Industry Experience

High Tech

Kenneth has extensive experience writing for high tech clients, from cloud computing providers to solid state storage manufacturers. He's written articles, blog posts and Web copy for a variety of clients, appealing to both IT experts and management who may not have intimate knowledge of the technology that helps them run their business.


As a writer and editor for a digital marketing agency that frequently served other digital marketing agencies, Kenneth has knowledge of both writing for clients and his employer. His years of experience in marketing has given him knowledge of tools, processes and best practices for marketing, both digitally and traditionally. He's written for small SEO companies, direct mail marketing companies and general marketing blogs.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Web Page100+

Summary of Product Experience


The bulk of Kenneth's professional writing experience comes from writing articles for third-party blogs, news sites, and client websites. He has a keenly honed ability to deliver helpful, targeted information to laymen and experts alike.

Web Page

While a writer and editor for a digital marketing agency, Kenneth regularly wrote website content for dozens of clients. During his years at the company, he created Web copy for nearly every industry on the Web, from online retailers and HVAC installers to network-attached storage providers and trucking fleet management software companies.

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