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Francine has over 30 years of experience writing in the industries of research dealing with all topics and writing white papers, psychology, nursing, legal, educational and informative topics such as music, art, business, and real estate. She on a continual basis book reviews on Kindle books dealing with all subject matter.

Francine has been published quarterly over ten years where she wrote articles and blogs for a company that had a presence in over twenty- five states. The articles and blogs were written on both serious and amusing topics. Francine's love of research opens her up to write on most any topic plus her wide variety of interests allows her to want to write on most topics. Francine strongly believes that there are so many interesting topics and there is never enough time to learn them unless she is actually writing on the subject. Finally, you as the client must be have your needs met or exceeded and that is Francine's goal in writing for each piece. Francine's philosophy is that each and every client is the most important and understands how busy each client is wanting only to be an aid and assistance to the clients needs.

In college while obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, classes were included to teach students how to write both valid and reliable test questions for psychological research. Upon completion of these classes, a white paper was written regarding the research and finding. This process was repeated when Francine continued her education obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The subject of her second major white paper was based on Kubler-Ross' book Death and Dying.

Francine has continued to write both professionally and pleasure. As a paralegal, she was required to be able to write documents following federal and state guidelines including but not limited to Summaries of Depositions, Interrogatories, Responses to Interrogatories, Plaintiff's Complaints filed with the courts, Defendant's Answers to Complaints, Extension of Time Motions and contracts. Legal research and resulting white papers include one on Class Action Lawsuits. As a paralegal, Francine had to adapt to numerous attorneys writing styles as each attorney had their own style and required paralegals follow their style of writing. This has resulted in Francine's ability to write informatively, formally, informally, and casual. She has also written Press Releases.

In one position, Francine had to write the Company's Code of Ethics, update and re-write the Policy and Procedure Manuel incorporating a series of new policies and procedure as a result of changes in federal law. She had to review and re-write every job position within the Company. She also had to attend Board of Directors meeting and write the Minutes for each meeting for approval of all Directors. Francine wrote the Company's website HIPPA Statement as well as had to contribute to the monthly newsletters sent throughout the Company and the Company's Clients. The newsletter was also placed on the website

During Francine's time in Real Estate she wrote short enticing descriptions of listed properties, flyers, newsletters, and ads to be placed in newspapers, magazines and on the web.

Francine as a Board Certified Registered Nurse has written informational material dealing with health, patient informational materials regarding disease processes, medications, preventative care, and when to contact their health care providers. Educational materials dealing with numerous health related topics were also written for fellow nurses, new graduate nurses,as a preceptor for student nurses and other healthcare professionals. Francine has written many articles both as a Paralegal and RN-BC on the subject of Compliance.

Francine has experience writing blogs, website articles, press releases on various subjects from travel, drug rehabilitation facilities, indie game videos, music, art, and the media.
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Law, Healthcare Industry, Real Estate, Finance, Travel, Crafts, Education, Music, Art, Dance, Media, Heating Systems, Camping, Web designers, Drug Rehabilitation Facilities, Relationships, Camping, Education, Restaurants, Long distance Relationships, Recycling, Sports, Poker, Sex Toys, and Media producers.


Law, Healthcare Industry, Real Estate, Finance, Travel, Crafts, Education, Music, Art, Dance, Media, Heating Systems, Camping, Web designers, Drug Rehabilitation Facilities, Camping, Education, Restaurants, Long distance Relationships, Recycling, Sports, Poker, Sex Toys, and Media producers. Reading, and Cooking. She is interested in most any topic as a result of being an avid reader and desire to learn.


Pace University

Francine had to do an internship within the psychology field. She did it at the Westchester County Division for Children with Special Needs: Wrote, ran and evaluated Behavior Modification for Mentally Handicapped Children. Francine as a Board Certified Nurse has written papers for other psychiatric professionals regarding bi-polar, schizophrenia, drug and alcohol abuse, treatments and studies.

Pace Univer

Francine had to write a thesis as part of required courses to graduate. he topic of her thesis was “Is there a difference in how hospital nurses perceive and deal with the death of a patient in Comparison to a nurse practicing in the nursing home environment?”
Based on Death and Dying by Kubler-Ross

Francine has written numerous articles and legal documents relating to Health Regulatory Law and Healthcare Compliance. She has been involved with the Office of the Investigative General and Corporate Integrity Agreements as they related to the healthcare industry. Francine was one of the paralegals very involved in the HMO Class action by accumulating documentation, writing reports and legal documents

Meredith College

Francine studied all areas of state and federal law. She was required to do state and federal research, as well as how to write legal documents such as contracts, transactional forms, complaints, answers and briefs.


208 Projects Completed

Francine has written educational and compliance handouts, webinars, newsletters on the topics as related to the healthcare industry including but not limited to disease processes, drug rehabilitation facilities, nutrition, resources, compliance and specialty areas of nursing for new graduate nurses, patients' and their families, and the individual researching any of these topics.


200 Projects Completed

Francine"s legal writing includes Research and writing White Papers on such topics as Class Actions for both the Stucco Class Action and the HMO Class Action as well as other, Contracts, Summaries of Depositions, Legal research, Board of Director Meeting Minutes, Complaints, Answer to Complaints, Educational Material regarding Federal and State changes in the law.


90 Projects Completed

This writer has written numerous articles, blogs, webinars, and newsletters, on music, art, health, media, education, camping, heating systems, web designers websites, travel, website designers, drug rehabilitation facilities, resturants, long distance relationships, recycling, sports, poker, iPhone, sex toys, media producers, and legal materials for students, educators, the individual seeking further information, and professionals.


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Francine has been crafting, painting including oils, watercolors, acrylics, designing cross stitch patterns, clothes patterns, jewelry making, throwing pottery,and selling them for added income since she was 16 years old. Received full scholarship to Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She has written over 4 paid projects on these topics.

Newsletter Content

200 Projects Completed

Both as a paralegal and RN, Francine has written many informative articles, handouts and power point presentations. For over five years she wrote newsletters in print and for Company's website and Company's clients. She has also written articles on drug rehabilitation facilities, heating systems, camping, travel, fashion, education, website designers, and travel.

Web Page

125 Projects Completed

As a paralegal, Francine wrote numerous educational and informative articles to be placed on Company Website. She has also written numerous webinars on different subjects such as the media, media producers, spas, sports, restaurants, long distance relationships, recycling, sports, poker, iPhone, sex toys, music, education, art, heating systems, camping, travel, drug rehabilitation facilities, website designers, fashion, and informative pieces.

Blog Post

46 Projects Completed

Francine has written numerous blog posts on many subjects. She is very apt adapting research on the blog subject & her style to Client's previous blog styles. She has written blogs on fashions, spas, sports, lottery, travel, heating systems, website designers website, drug rehabilitation facilities, camping, education, art, music, resturants, long distance relationships, recycling, poker, iPhone, sex toys, media producers and healthcare. Very few subjects are outside of her abilities and desire to satisfy Clients.


39 Projects Completed

This writer has written healthcare, coding and billing, health ethics and compliance articles for a healthcare coding and billing company website. Articles were done monthly for over 10 years. This author also wrote Company's HIPPA Statement for their website. She has branched out writing web pages on such subjects as music, art, travel, healthcare, healthcare resources, media, and education for individual interested in those subjects, consumers, educators, professionals, and students. She has also written on fashions, spas, lottery, travel, sports, heating systems, website designers, drug rehabilitation facilities, camping, education, art, music, legal, restaurants, recycling, sports, poker, iPhone, sex toys, heating systems, construction, and media producers.

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