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MJ started writing in early childhood, and can't stop. After studying creative writing at Kent State University, he began freelancing. His work has been published in blogs, literary journals, and print magazines. MJ also creates content about specific topics and interests for clients and hub pages. His areas of experience include music education, LGBTQ activism, politics, and food.


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MJ began learning music at age 10. After playing competitively in high school, he studied music education at Ohio Wesleyan University. He marched two seasons of Drum Corps International, which prepared him for several marching band teaching positions. He currently writes and performs his own music.


A member of the LGBTQ community, MJ cares about political affairs and current events. He writes articles, blog posts, poems, and songs about his experiences and ideas. He follows recent news and currently works at a political research firm.

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Blog Post

MJ blogs regularly. He discusses his daily life, relationships, current events, and foods he's learning to cook this week.

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MJ has been on Facebook since 2007. He posts about his life, opinions, news, music, philosophy, spirituality, and the practice of writing.


MJ writes numerous articles, mostly creative non-fiction. His work has been published in blogs, literary journals, and print. He also has editing experience.

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