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Madeline has been writing ever since she could hold a pen. Her love of writing has taken her down many paths, from fiction writing as a child, to content marketing as a college freshman, and now as a journalist with only one year left until graduation. While she's now writing breaking news stories and investigative journalism, she used to write content and copy for all sorts of industries. She also was an avid fashion addict who wrote about it almost daily. While her love is now news, she still likes to write in all formats and is constantly perfecting her craft.


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While Madeline doesn't have quite as much time to obsess over fashion as she did in the past, she still loves to dive into her glossy magazines when she has a moment. She also still loves to write about fashion, in whatever way she can. Previously, she wrote for one college fashion magazine and managed another's social media. She also interned at PureWow, a digital women's publication, and Before the Label, a fashion crowdfunding start-up, researching and writing for both.


While working at a content marketing firm, Madeline learned a great deal about marketing. Surprisingly, much of what she learned she found while researching to write content for other marketing companies. For five months, she wrote two blog posts per week for a marketing company client on topics like social media, SEO, and press releases. She's also written social media updates for marketing firms.

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Blog Post

Madeline has written more blog posts than she can count - the number here is a low estimate. She's run her own fashion blog, contributed to others, written blog posts for clients, and also written them for the companies she's interned with. By now, she's fairly certain she could write one in her sleep.


Madeline has written a number of news articles (and fashion articles) as a journalist for her school's paper and a local daily newspaper. She knows how to research information, find a source, get a quote, put it all together, and get it all done in time to have lunch.

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