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Justin has been an avid writer throughout his life and began putting his skills to work as a freelancer five years ago. A diverse, nomadic background and insatiable fervor for language allow him to generate unique pieces that connect with the reader in a comprehensible fashion. His other work experiences include two of the most honored American traditions: fast food work and military service.


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Justin lives his life through electronics. While this would be embarrassing to admit in most cases, it's an excellent trait for a writer who needs to describe the devices that are inseparable from today's average person. Whether you need a pixel by pixel comparison of the latest NVidia and ATX graphics cards, a detailed circuit analysis of bistable multivibrators, or just a tutorial on how to get rid of a virus from a smartphone, Justin has the expertise to write technical articles on the world of electronics with enough clarity for the average reader.

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Justin has completed hundreds of articles through freelancing services and through direct client contact. The topics covered by his writing consist of an immense number of varied subject matters, showing evidence of his prowess at being able to communicate thoughts and information from any source.

Twitter Post

Composing a tweet that hits home in less than 140 characters without sounding like a texting teenager wrote it is a challenge. Justin can concisely make your point with catchy titles and proper use of Twitter functionalities.


Selling a product is a far more simple process than many marketers would have you believe. A gimmick or a catchy tune may snag a few buys, but for most advertisements, straightforward and informative marketing about the product or service will produce the best results over time. For companies and entrepreneurs looking to push their sales, Justin can compose the writing you need to display the heart of your business to customers.

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