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Jade D
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Jade's passion for writing began in college. It was in her very first English class that she realized writing was something she was not only good at, but loved to do. Fast forward a few years. After earning a degree in Humanities, Jade joins corporate America to work a job that is nice but not very fulfilling. A few more years down the line finds Jade married and expecting her very own little ray of sunshine.

The second she gives birth to her beautiful son, Jade realizes that she could not possibly leave him to return to corporate America. With the support of her husband, Jade searches tirelessly for a position that will allow her to work from home. After many failed attempts, Jade learns about content writing. It is almost like the love at first sight that Jade felt for her newborn son. She can make money and learn about interesting topics and do something that she loves. She can write. Writing articles for content sites has become not just a hobby for Jade, but a career. She is fulfilling her dreams and making money and she loves
Direct Mail


Jade has specialties in fitness, health, wellness, cooking, parenting, childcare, writing, SEO, blogging and content.


Jade's interests are parenting and health.


20 Projects Completed

Jade worked a personal trainer and Zumba fitness instructor for five years. She has completed multiple continuing education classes in fitness related fields as required to maintain her personal trainers certification.

Direct Mail

20 Projects Completed

Jade worked as a direct writer for a real estate business that used direct mail as their main source of finding clients. Her position included writing all of the sequences in the direct mail and she had over 100 different assignments for the one company.

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