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Innovative, creative and strategic are words that have been used to describe this executive with more than 25 years experience in marketing, communications and business development. It's unusual to find a skill set that includes both the ability to write copy - and the expertise to also sell a service or product to a client face-to-face. Robin is a business development executive with an advanced degree in marketing/communications, and a track record of success in both areas.

Think of Robin like this: She's a Vice President with a blue collar work ethic.

Robin's portfolio includes developing and implementing multi-faceted national marketing campaigns, the creation of sales collateral, press releases, web site copy, new business strategies and communications plans. She has an odd love of writing academic articles, grants and RFP responses and has edited three published books on health care and countless peer-reviewed articles.

Whether it's writing creative text to sell your products and services or developing think outside the box marketing campaigns that drive sales leads, Robin has the skill set to complete the assignment on time, within budget and in a way that makes you want more.


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Robin thoroughly enjoys academic writing and is eagerly anticipating her retirement-engagement: Creating a PhD dissertation in Sociology. In the meantime she writes on the side for an academic writing company.


Robin created the conceptual design for a consulting site and wrote much of the copy on the site. The copy was designed for high-level c-suite hospital and health system executives, a well-educated audience who reads extensively. Google Analytics consistently showed high web-site traffic with length-on-page times well above the national average.


Robin's writing has appeared on blogs from Cisco to Microsoft consultants. Robin is particularly familiar with the tech industry, in part, because she works full-time at a software engineering firm as an IT recruiter and business developer. She's the first to confess that she really knows very little about programming -- but is terrific at research.


Robin writes copy. Unfortunately (or fortunately) she's been fully engaged in business writing for 10 years, with no time to blog, write about the garden she loves, or just generally cozy up to writing about...anything else. But here's a recent sample of an RFP response, worth $1 MM that takes a creative slant on...mushrooms. Enjoy!

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