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Lyn L
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Lyn has been freelancing full time since the year of 2005, when she started her first blog and gained her first paid writing projects. Since then, she has done extensive writing projects for small and major companies. Her experience ranges from work for hire ghostwriting, to publication with major media companies, to founding and running her own media company.

Though she runs her own company, she is humbled enough to realize that the best writers continue to participate in a variety of writing projects to keep that brain working. Without variety, how can one accurately teach others? She coaches fellow writers on a daily basis, including managing a team of freelancers, as well as providing advice on writing throughout her network and various social media outlets.

Lyn's content can be found all over the web. A simple search can pull up thousands of results. She also has done a large number of ghostwriting projects and has a very low rejection rate.

Although Lyn has produced a large amount of content and is a fast worker, she believes in quality over quantity. Thus, any work she is assigned will always be treated with care, rather than as another number. Any work you will find with her name on it will back this up easily.
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pets, parenting, education, home improvement, plumbing, lifestyle, green living, Denver, Colorado, Houston, Texas, nature, art, crafts, health, food, nutrition, beauty, writing, jewelry, business, conversational, casual, professional, and more


pets, parenting, education, home improvement, plumbing, lifestyle, green living, Denver, Colorado, Houston, Texas, nature, art, crafts, health, food, nutrition, beauty, writing


2,500 Projects Completed

As a mother to four, Lyn has long shared her expertise via news and media outlets, large and small. Lyn believes that parenting is a learning experience and all parents have valuable experience and information to share amongst themselves and the world at large.


1,010 Projects Completed

Lyn advocates for proper pet care and treatment in many ways, including through quality, informative written content. Her work can be seen all over the web, including (but not at all limited to) three of her nine websites. Two of those are dedicated exclusively to proper pet care, animal welfare, and pet rescue.


800 Projects Completed

Lyn is a longtime advocate for quality education. Her work can be found across the web, including (but certainly not limited to) two of her nine websites. One of them is dedicated exclusively to education and features tips, lesson plans, and more. She is dedicated to helping parents, children, and teachers and homeschools some of her children, while the others attend public school. Lyn believes in catering appropriate education, based on each child's individual needs and successes.

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2,536 Projects Completed

Lyn has written blog posts for many websites, both small and large, as well as for several categories. She has also done this extensively on her own network of sites, which was founded by her and is run by herself and her partner.

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818 Projects Completed

Lyn has experience managing twitter profiles for businesses, large and small. One of the profiles she managed in the recent past was in relation to a division of a major online media company. Her management of said profile only ended due to the sunset of that particular division (unrelated to social media presence).

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501 Projects Completed

Lyn runs several Facebook pages for websites she owns, as well as for clients. She has several years of experience doing this for companies that range from small to major corporations.

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