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Jessica started writing when she was quite young, stemming from a love to read, and a desire to recreate the stories she saw in her mind. From there she continued to write, all the way through college, for the yearbook, online, for herself, for creative writing class, and even wrote and produced a successful children's play in college. After college she wrote for two different newspapers in Eastern Oregon, but believed that online/digital was the direction for the future of writing. Since that time, she has written for YCN, blogmutt, and bubblews.


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  • Home Living10+

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Home Living

Jessica is both a home owner, and as a newer one, has learned many lessons the hard way. Those lessons she has recorded and shared to help others.

Product Projects

  • Facebook Post1,000+

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Facebook Post

Jessica has had both her own Facebook, been a moderator on other Facebook pages, worked for newspapers with Facebook pages, and has her own page for her writing on Facebook. During this time, which spans years, she has created and handled innumerable Facebook posts.

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