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Seth L
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Joined 4/17/2015
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As one of the most talented creators Writer Access has to offer, Seth L. is an accomplished writer, designer, creative director, project manager, executive, and entrepreneur. Over the past three decades, he’s worked for large multinational concerns, including JPMorganChase, McCann-Erickson, Gillette, Sanyo, and Reed Elsevier; foreign firms, such as Asaca Shibasoku, Sapera, and Vogel Communications Group; and domestic market leaders, like Intuit, Staples, and Aspen Technology. His skills go beyond mere execution and meeting deadlines and extend to technical analysis, critical reasoning, and prognostication. His vast and diverse experience gives him a seasoned and sophisticated grasp over business domains, economic climates, and current events. He’s lived and worked in the United States, Japan, and Germany.

Seth makes himself available to Writer Access clients up to 16 hours per day, seven days per week. He's an exceptionally energetic and prodigious writer who's capable of producing up to 3,000 words daily. In exchange for this extraordinary productivity and dedication, Seth asks that clients be communicative, clear, and final with their order instructions (with no changes made to instructions late in the process, especially close to or after an order's deadline).

If Seth has any questions about your order, he will message you within a few hours of accepting an order. If he does message you, please message him back promptly, as this will allow him to complete your order to your satisfaction. Questions about an order that cannot be answered within 48 hours may result in the order being released back to the queue for another writer to work on.

Please note that Seth usually does not write for under 10 cents per word. For very long pieces, he may make an exception, but short pieces will cost more, particularly if they're ad, sales, web, or email copy and not content writing. If you have any questions, please message him for exact details and rates.

If you're a client and you're satisfied with Seth's work, please rate the piece that he creates for you as "Exceeded My Expectations" as this allows Seth to continue to spend the time it takes to produce the highest-quality writing.
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