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This Harvard-educated author has had over 30 years of experience in writing content for digital media. From multimedia demos and interactive applications to entire websites, he has created content running the gamut from technical writing to marketing copy to learning material.

For the last 20 years, he has been writing for online outlets in the industries of finance, media, technology, advertising, entertainment, and hospitality. Whether the assignment is sales copy, instruction manuals, journalism, or guide books, this writer consistently meets deadlines and keeps prose informative, effective, and stimulating.

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Harvard University Extension School

He took a class in American Literature at Harvard University Extension School wherein he learned about and read books by some of America's greatest writers. He received a 4.0 grade.


915 Projects Completed

This author has written thousands of political articles for both liberal and conservative news sites. He writes for the client's specific publications, and the work he produces is not tainted by any of his personal opinions. He is happy to promote any political viewpoint or agenda.


206 Projects Completed

This author has worked in high technology for more than half his life and was employed at an artificial intelligence company more than 30 years ago. Most technological topics and concepts are familiar to him, and he is fluent with technical terminology and processes.


203 Projects Completed

This author has written extensively for the automotive industry, particularly in the areas of human-machine interaction (HMI), in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), autonomous vehicles (AVs), electric vehicles (EVs), new-energy vehicles (NEVs), flying vehicles, shared mobility and intelligent transportation systems (ITS).


201 Projects Completed

This author has written extensively about automotive, railroad and aviation topics, especially ones concerning advanced and future mobility. In particular, he has focused on autonomous and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) as they relate to road-based and flying vehicles. He is knowledgeable about high-speed rail and rail maintenance.


89 Projects Completed

This author has written financial articles for business/market sites. He writes on both current affairs and historical examples and trends. He has decades' worth of business experience.


53 Projects Completed

This author has written about business topics ranging from startups to mergers to investments, divestments, capital markets and more.


51 Projects Completed

This author has written numerous articles, product descriptions, web pages and reviews about both consumer and industrial electronics. He's been hooked on gadgets since he was a teenager when he attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago.


50 Projects Completed

This author is a visual designer in addition to being a writer, and has worked as a photographer, a graphic designer, an art director and a creative producer. His sense of aesthetics is highly refined and sophisticated. He is both a practitioner and a critic of good design, as well as being thoroughly knowledgeable about the history of print, industrial and interior design.


50 Projects Completed

This author is an inveterate shopper and is so skilled at locating a bargain he likely can guess the price of almost any item just from looking at it.


50 Projects Completed

This author has written dozens of pieces about personal and business finance. He once was a vice president of the largest bank in North America, JPMorganChase.


50 Projects Completed

This author has written numerous articles and white papers for the solar energy industry.

Real Estate

34 Projects Completed

This author has worked in the real estate industry for 10 years and has written advertising copy in this industry extensively. He is extremely familiar with all real estate terminology and is an expert in writing copy that sells.

Home Living

28 Projects Completed

This author is an expert on all manner of domestic topics, from decorating to cleaning to home improvement. He is an expert interior designer who can mix and match furniture and designer styles from many different eras. In addition, as the former operator of an urban hotel, he instinctively knows what can improve a living space in terms of layout, aesthetics and functionality.


27 Projects Completed

This author has written extensively about film stars, directors and producers. He is knowledgeable about Hollywood and film business history and "behind-the-scenes" tales, including celebrity lore, movie business dealings and "making-of" stories.


27 Projects Completed

This author has traveled widely in Europe and Asia and is an expert writer with extensive knowledge of other peoples, customs and cultures. He has spent time working abroad and enjoys immersing himself in the habits and lifestyles of foreign nations. He considers himself a world citizen, and his passport is current. He has written in-depth about his personal experiences and is excellent at researching the rare topics he is not already familiar with.


26 Projects Completed

This author has written numerous pieces for companies selling medical and training/diet supplement products as well as for publishers producing content for wellness/health websites and journals. He is very familiar with the language and tone many of these articles utilize and can speak very well in that voice.


25 Projects Completed

This author ran a hotel in New York City that he created from scratch. Ultimately, the hotel grew to be 25 rooms, which he managed on a 24/7/365 basis. He was responsible for all aspects of the hotel, from design to marketing to public relations to reservation management.


24 Projects Completed

This author has written pieces about dogs and dog training.


22 Projects Completed

This author is a veteran marketer who has along the way written numerous pieces on ingenious ways to market goods and services and reach new audiences. As someone who worked in both sales and advertising, he understands the psychology and practicalities of marketing as well as any successful businessperson and/or entrepreneur.


21 Projects Completed

This author has completed a number of guides, articles and blog pieces for legal firms in the areas of personal liability, vehicular law, and DUI. He has also written binding contracts and conducted legal transactions in his capacity as a real estate agent in New York City.


20 Projects Completed

This author has written about healthy living, diet, and how to avoid illness.


20 Projects Completed

This author spent several years working as a vice president of the largest bank in North America, JPMorganChase. In addition, he regularly keeps up to date with the banking and financial industries.


20 Projects Completed

This author operated a multimedia startup producing trade show kiosks, interactive ads and CD-ROMs even before the advent of the Worldwide Web. A former employee of Macromedia (the creator of Flash for the web), he has personally created animations and multimedia titles that were ahead of their time. He is comfortable and intimately familiar with most digital file types and formats, in addition to being an avid photographer, videographer and multimedia editor.


20 Projects Completed

This author has written about relationships, personality types and other interpersonal topics. He is knowledgeable about the zodiac and astrological compatibility.


12 Projects Completed

This author is a keen advisor for those with niche hobbies, such as collecting, antiquing and trading.


12 Projects Completed

This author has written advice and best-practice pieces for those looking to mobilize, change industries or branch off in their careers. He has rewritten and restructured CVs for numerous professionals. With over 14,000 connections on LinkedIn, this author knows the value of networking and market assessment.


12 Projects Completed

This author has written about positive training habits, dieting and advice for athletes. His style of writing for fitness pieces is typically practical and no-nonsense.

Self Help

10 Projects Completed

This author has written advice and self-help pieces for articles, manuals, blogs and e-books. He is a strong believer in self-motivation, self-empowerment and personal improvement.


10 Projects Completed

This author is familiar with mobile devices, operating systems and networks as they relate to apps, data, capabilities and limitations. He has built software for mobile platforms and written about various smartphones.


10 Projects Completed

This author is deeply knowledgeable about architectural styles, periods and history. He is familiar with many of the most famous architects of the modern era and the structures they've designed. In addition, his stepfather is a practicing architect who graduated from one of the field's most prestigious schools, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Green Living

10 Projects Completed

This author is an aficionado of green living and is ready to offer new advice and insights to websites, publications and blogs.


10 Projects Completed

This author has written a number of technical product descriptions, catalog excerpts and other pieces for hardware manufacturers.


10 Projects Completed

This author is intimately familiar with the music industry and has likely attended upwards of ten thousand concerts and musical events. He is deeply knowledgeable about a great number of musical groups, styles and genres.


10 Projects Completed

This author has written numerous guides to recreation and getaways in numerous locales. He is an advocate for and participant in a number of outdoor sports and activities.

CBD Products

10 Projects Completed

This author has written a limited number of articles, catalog copy, web pages and blog posts related to CBD products.


10 Projects Completed

This author has written in-depth about fashion designers and personalities, both historical and contemporary. He has met such fashion designers as Geoffrey B. Small and Garth Pugh personally and has worked for Italian designer Romeo Gigli.

Health Supplements

5 Projects Completed

This author has written a small number of articles and blog posts on various supplements and nutritional aids.


2,995 Projects Completed

This author has written articles for a wide range of publications and websites on a large number of topics. In-depth (1,000-word-plus) pieces are one of his specialties, but he is equally adept at short- (500 words or less) to medium-length (between 500- and 1,000-word) articles. Industries and categories he regularly writes within include politics, business, news, real estate, hospitality, travel, entertainment, lifestyle, technology, fashion, education and law.

Product Description

2,197 Projects Completed

Writing product descriptions is second-nature to this author as he is accustomed to buying and selling items online, and he is has written thousands of ads and listings for everything from furniture to real estate. He is well-aware of what buyers want to know and how to present this information in a manner that is most informative and pleasing. The key is to be honest and leave nothing out so as to prevent buyer's remorse and/or dissatisfaction. A great product or service description should bring nearly as much joy as the product or service itself.

Blog Post

2,139 Projects Completed

This author has written more than 2,000 blog posts for a wide range of industries, including entertainment, travel/hospitality, real estate, lifestyle, politics/government, business, technology and electronics.


2,001 Projects Completed

Until recently, this author was writing dozens of advertisements for new real estate properties every week. He served as the sole marketing copywriter for his organization, and he drew upon his talent as a writer to entice potential buyers into initiating financial transactions that were likely to be among the largest of their entire lives. Along the way, he learned that the best ad copy fuses honesty, style and brevity in a way that piques interest and demands a response from the reader. All too often, the lack of a response can almost always be traced back to less-than-compelling copy.

Banner Ad

2,000 Projects Completed

Banner ads are specialized types of online advertising that are standardized and ubiquitous on the web. This author previously worked for the largest ad agency in the world, McCann-Erickson, during which time he produced literally thousands of banner ads for some of the business world's best-known brands, functioning as both visual designer and copywriter simultaneously.

Banner ads are a creative challenge as it may not always be possible to add another frame or an extra line of copy while still keeping within publishers' specifications for ad file sizes; it is sometimes a matter of reducing text or the number of visible colors to the absolute minimum. This author would like to think he is capable of delivering both compelling and content-rich ads, while sacrificing neither image quality nor message contiguity.

Web Page

214 Projects Completed

This author has worked on many web-based, integrated multimedia projects, including websites, banner ads, CD-ROM applications, interactive help kiosks, trade-show displays and digital press kits. When writing, he consistently takes both the technology delivering the product and the audience receiving it into account during the creative process. People's online attention span is much shorter than it is for books and most printed matter; thus, writing for the web demands taking into consideration behavioral and UX-specific caveats.


204 Projects Completed

This author has written within a great many categories of writing, not all of which are cataloged here. If there is a category which is not listed here, he is happy to discuss with a client whether he is qualified to write for it.


201 Projects Completed

This author has profiled thousands of people, products, services and organizations. He is highly skilled at selecting the most engaging parts of these subjects' stories and detailing the most important and illuminating truths.


101 Projects Completed

This author previously created presentations for a living. He has even written his own custom presentation software. He is a seasoned presenter of information that simultaneously entertains, educates and leaves a lasting impression. He's intimately familiar with the format (and the limitations) of today's most popular presentation packages, including Powerpoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote.

Mobile Content

100 Projects Completed

Mobile devices demand content and copy customized for small screens, quick loading times and short attention spans. Text needs to be brief and to the point, delivering messages and instructions in readily understandable blocks that communicate instantly. This author has written all types of content and copy created specifically with mobile devices and on-the-go users in mind. He has conceived mobile applications and presentations that are meant to be viewed at a small size, yet nevertheless remain impressive.

Press Release

57 Projects Completed

A good press release answers the most basic questions of Who, What, Where, Why, When and How.

In addition to communicating the most basic information, further specifics may be delivered, along with contact details, website URLs and other pertinent particulars.

As a master of public relations, this author has a gift for promotion and the nurturing of consumer and prospect goodwill. He is an expert at prioritizing talking points and people to be addressed; he is by nature an influential and powerful communicator.

Email Copy

57 Projects Completed

This author previously created and contributed to email campaigns for real estate and banking companies. Email copy must be especially compelling and brief to work effectively. The more targeted and tracked a campaign can be, the better returns it can generate (not just in terms of sales, but also in data and insights).


51 Projects Completed

As a creator of multimedia presentations and video programming for decades, this author is used to writing scripts to accompany slides, animations and video clips. Explaining, educating and narrating concepts, ideas and stories is his goal, with the perfect script able to stand alone, still capable of delivering a potent message without the visual portion of a presentation.

Facebook Post

50 Projects Completed

This author is a veteran user and creator on social media, and he's highly cognizant of what generates interest on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok and other social media sites. He knows about factors and limitations such as character lengths, picture sizes, post times and audience reach for most platforms; Facebook is a specialty.


30 Projects Completed

This author has decades of experience in crafting CVs that are substantial and formidable. As a designer, he knows how to create an aesthetically pleasing document, while as a writer, he's conscious about telling a story that's robust, impressive and worthy of attention. For persons other than himself, he is especially effective in employing a sense of balanced objectivity.

White Paper

26 Projects Completed

This author approaches white papers with the same principles and gravitas he accords academic documents; thoroughness, accuracy and expert research are paramount. Giving readers authoritative assessments they need to make sound decisions is the goal.


20 Projects Completed

This author is accomplished at providing customers and prospects with useful information, highly organized into lists of the most common and basic questions. The author is excellent at putting himself into the shoes of the reader, user or other inquirer and thinking as they would to decipher a subject, method or process they are not well-acquainted with. His explanations are patient, logical and prescribed by the client in every case.

Twitter Post

20 Projects Completed

Shakespeare once wrote that brevity is the soul of wit. Twitter's 280-character limit helps reinforce that maxim — if and when the writing is truly inspired.

Fortunately, this author has a gift for encapsulating a feeling, an expression and/or the prevailing zeitgeist in as few (but powerful) words as possible. Hence, his tweets, while rare, are invariably pithy, devilishly amusing and devastatingly on-target.

Landing Page

20 Projects Completed

All landing pages are not created equal. Different audience segments respond differently to different offers and value propositions. This author is experienced in creating landing pages customized by audience segment for multiple ad and outreach platforms.


13 Projects Completed

This author has written copy for and designed entire single- and multi-page brochures, taking care to emphasize subjects that also appeared in photos. As brochures often have a long shelf life, their content needs to be relatively evergreen, something this author is especially mindful of.

Newsletter Content

12 Projects Completed

A good newsletter informs on a regular basis while remaining brief, pragmatic and to-the-point. This author is an expert at crafting articles that educate, apprise and articulate without being weighty, taxing or redundant.


11 Projects Completed

This author has contributed to numerous eBooks and is both familiar and comfortable with this format.

Case Studies

11 Projects Completed

This author has contributed to several case studies for Harvard Business School Publishing and is well aware of case study formats, audiences and goals.

Data Sheet

10 Projects Completed

This author has created data sheets and other marketing collateral for startups and small businesses. In addition, he's built broad and rich databases in FileMaker and can store and output information in highly organized layouts.

Sponsored Content

10 Projects Completed

The art of sponsored content is to maintain a viewer's attention that originated elsewhere with additional content that is similar, but not identical in focus or in purpose, to the original material. This author has the necessary skills to make this happen, while helping to preserve the notion that this extra content should be grouped and classified with the original posting(s).


10 Projects Completed

This author has contributed content, copy, listings and addenda to multiple catalogs in a variety of industries. He is no stranger to print, but he's equally comfortable creating digital catalogs for PDF and online formats.

Direct Mail

10 Projects Completed

While email campaigns may demand more terse copy as a byproduct of receiving less attention, direct mail is email's older, better-heeled (and much more costly) cousin. Recognizing the disparity between the two, this author brings much bigger guns to direct mail's battle for readers' attention. The content of a direct mail piece is only one factor in its effectiveness; the design and presentation of the outer packaging can and should be given equal consideration.


5 Projects Completed

This author has contributed to several published books. He is a prolific writer who has what it takes to commit to lengthy, long-term (multi-year) and prestigious projects for both major and minor publishers.

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