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In college Victoria began honing her skills as a writer through her major in History which taught her how to debate and defend a view or idea, efficiently research topics, and form coherent points that she could confidently articulate.

After college she began an internship where she would spend the next two years sharpening her skills as a journalistic writer and finding her writing voice. Rather than writing long, detailed papers arguing a specific point on a given topic, she learned to consolidate the information she was trying to convey and her own opinion into two or three paragraphs, while still getting her point across.

Moving on from her internship, she spent some time learning the structures of social media and how to write for and present content through outlets such as Facebook. At the same time she maintained a blog for her employer and learned how to tie shorter social media posts to longer, more in-depth blog posts. She also helped with internal editing and proofing for her company, refining her skills with grammar.

She currently spends her free time writing fictional short stories and assisting friends and family with any writing related issues they may come across.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Victoria spent two years writing as a game journalist and reviewer from home. She is able to write short, descriptive news pieces as well as longer, critical works.

An avid gamer from childhood she spent four years working in video game retail during college before moving on to writing about games. She has experience with most modern platforms, but enjoys gaming on the PC the most.

Product Projects

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  • Facebook Post20+

Summary of Product Experience


Victoria wrote for an online gaming magazine for two years and covered topics across all platforms and most genres. Her stories covered basic news, surveys, opinion pieces, and reviews.

Facebook Post

While working for a small, local company, Victoria was able to engage potential and current clients by utilizing Facebook. She was trained on the differences between personal and professional Facebook use and how to catch and hold the readers attention without overdoing it and losing interest.

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