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Scottie has a passion for writing that burns white hot. It all started when essay contests in school became easy. The love for sports and the desire to coach overwhelmed every aspect of his life, including writing. Soon after, he realized that wasn't the road for him. He began meshing sports with writing and rekindled a flame that had been dormant for years. He began covering high school sports for the local newspaper and had a feature column that covered many aspects of the sports world, from local to professional. Blogging followed, and all of his close friends started to laud his writing style. When a close friend and local icon died, he wrote a heartfelt tribute. Later, his online community followed his search a lost DNA provider. After realizing how much he enjoyed affecting people's emotions with a keystroke, he decided it was time to put everything else on the back-burner and pursue a career that was fulfilling to himself, and admirable to his family.
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automobiles, sports, family, parenting, SEO, blogging


baseball, basketball, poker, writing, hiking, traveling, parenthood


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Scottie is currently the lead sports writer for The Nose Milk. He also spent four years covering area high school sports programs. He focused on smaller schools that lacked adequate media coverage. The job entailed tracking stats, interviewing players and coaches, and writing AP style articles on a deadline.


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As a young child, James' biological father separated from his mother and distanced himself from the family. James wrote a blog post, "A Letter to my DNA Provider," that went viral. Eventually, the subject of the post read it, and the correspondence between the two was detailed in another post, "When Two Words are All You Need."


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Growing up in a small town, Scottie maintained relationships in adulthood that started in grade school. When a local war hero and hometown legend was killed in a car accident, he penned a heartfelt tribute that stirred the emotions of many.

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With over 1,000 friends, Scottie has an eclectic mix of people on his Facebook friends list. He has gained many of these friends through over 10 years in the car business. No topic is off limits and he challenges his subscribers often with rhetoric and analysis of current, and sometimes controversial, events.

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As a hobby, Scottie maintains a blog that has been ready by people in over 7 countries. It has no specific intent, just random musings about whatever is on his mind. Friends and family enjoy reading the new content.


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As a commission sales professional in a low traffic area, Scottie relies on social media and snail mail marketing to drive business to his office. These include monthly Facebook campaigns, quarterly newsletters, incentive offers, and more.

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