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Lana T
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Lana has extensive writing experience in both traditional academic fields as well as in web content for a variety of websites and high profile clients. Writing experiences have included travel logs, business development and sales topics, education, product description and sales, advertising for services, and descriptive and creative writing designed to catch clients' attention or provide flavor text.

Lana has excellent writing skills with grammar and sentence variety being a primary focus, as well as the use of genre specific vocabulary and experience in keyword and SEO keyword use and placement. Skills as an English teacher have provided her with a background in editing for correct usage and meaning.

Lana's research skills also provide her with an ability to research and write on a variety of topics, regardless of their familiarity. Unfamiliar topics will be researched prior to writing for unique content in a given style. Prior experience in the education field and in copy writing have made this research foundation a necessity for future writing projects.
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Lana specializes in business articles on a variety of topics geared primarily toward advertisement and sales and used as web content. Other areas of expertise include education, arts and crafts, history, and travel.


History, art, English specific subject matter, travel, business growth and development, educational administration and curriculum


Suffolk University

Lana T. received a 3.9 GPA from Suffolk University with a bachelor's degree specializing in English and a minor in theater and communications. She held several English related scholarships for her proficiency with subject matter and in writing and was an active writer and editor of the school literature magazine and the school newspaper, including two years as news and arts editor.

Rivier College

Lana graduated with a 3.9 GPA from Rivier College with a degree in teaching English. This specialty offers her a high degree of skill and accuracy in crafting the English language, as well as clear communication, and refined editing skills.


134 Projects Completed

As a current English educator, Lana has extensive experience in education related articles including topics such as human resources, educational policy, curriculum development, training instruction and development, and subject matter expertise.


102 Projects Completed

Copy writing experience with SEO companies and advertising agencies has given Lana insight into business writing for a variety of clients in the transportation, management, manufacturing, and sales industries. Topics in this area of experience have ranged widely and often include required background research prior to article writing.


53 Projects Completed

Lana has experience as an artisan and teacher of a variety of arts and crafts, including teaching documents, product reviews, and artistic reviews.

Real Estate

21 Projects Completed

Lana has written several travel and real estate based articles detailing the amenities, living costs, and benefits of living in various areas of the country. With numerous travel experiences in the United States and outside of it, she has a good overview of living styles, housing styles, and amenities in several areas of the world. Further, she has experience writing for real estate blogs that have featured both specific house listings as well as general areas to move to.

Blog Post

109 Projects Completed

Blog posts for corporate use and private use are part of Lana's writing expertise. These topics can range from philosophical and reflective on a given topic, to informative and interesting to increase a site's presence and updated and current content.

Web Page

103 Projects Completed

Lana has extensive copy writing experience for a number of clients on a variety of websites, including small business sites and larger clients wherein copy has become part of search engine optimization articles or is displayed on the site itself.

Newsletter Content

25 Projects Completed

With membership in various organizations and as an educator, Lana frequently writes newsletter content on topic specific areas for various organizations. These topics are sometimes informative and sometimes reflective and based upon the organizational culture.

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