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Julie has 15 years of experience in journalism writing and editing hard news and features. She also has a juris doctorate degree and six years of legal experience, primarily in employment and labor law and estate planning. She has written numerous legal documents in that time.


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Julie has eight years experience as an attorney and has written numerous legal documents including pleadings for court, polices for clients and summaries of cases. With a background in journalism, she has the unique ability to break down complicated legal concepts into a readable, yet accurate story for those outside the legal field.


As religion editor for a a medium sized daily, Julie wrote several articles about the city's diverse religious population. Her coverage took into account the needs of all religions in the area including multiple Christian denominations - Catholics, Baptists, Universalists, Mormons - as well as Jews, Muslims, and Hindu. She is well versed in the area of religion and able to write accurately about the cultures, customs, beliefs and philosophy of various faiths.

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