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Lisa has a bachelor's degree in English with a minor in journalism. She has more than 20 years experience in the writing field, in public relations, wholesale and retail marketing, product description, technical writing, training and education, news reporting, grant writing, and other related fields. She is currently working on her MFA in Creative Nonfiction.
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Lisa has experience writing product descriptions, instructions, press releases, articles, resume's, obituaries - as well as web, print and newsletter copy. She was an award-winning news reporter for four years, and has been writing a regular column on rural living for more than a decade.


Lisa is an organic gardener, with interests in the environment, nutrition, agriculture, farming. She enjoys the benefits of simple, self-reliant living and practices yoga and meditation. She has interests in community and rural development, politics, marketing, technology, upcycling, remodeling, herbs, holistic medicine, natural treatments and more.


Washington State Community College

While working on her Associate's Degree, Lisa took classes in advertising, English, Creative Writing, Stress Management as well as basic core classes in history, algebra, media and communications.

Glenville State College

As a student at Glenville State College, Lisa served as the managing editor for the college newspaper and the college yearbook. She maintained a 3.75 GPA and was voted Outstanding Young Woman on Campus her senior year.

West Virginia Wesleyan College

Lisa is currently working on her Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction. She expects to receive her degree in 2016.


50 Projects Completed

Lisa has been writing a regular column on gardening and rural life for more than 10 years. An advocate of the local food movement, she has worked as a Farm to School coordinator and is a regular vendor and shopper at the local farmer's markets in her region. She and her husband have an organic farm where they raise vegetables, herbs, chickens, mushrooms and ginger root. In addition, they forage the forest around them for morel mushrooms, ramps, blood root and other valuable herbs and plants.


30 Projects Completed

Raised in an Evangelistic Christian home, Lisa has been studying different spiritual faiths and practices for more than a decade. She specifically enjoys finding the common thread and similarities among different faiths and religions of the world. She is familiar with The Bible, Wicca, herbs, crystals, spells, Runes, Tarot, the Elements, the Angels and more. She practices yoga and meditation on a regular basis. She currently writes a quarterly column on spiritual exploration.


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Lisa is a successful graduate of the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course through American Writers & Artists Institute, Delray Beach, FL. She is also a skilled and talented photographer. Lisa's travel pieces have appeared in Wonderful West Virginia Magazine, Two-Lane Livin' Magazine, The Calhoun Chronicle, The Glenville Pathfinder and various online travel-related web sites. Lisa enjoys outdoor recreation most, but has written about spas, historic Inns, state park lodges and more. She is familiar with geocaching, and enjoys rough tent camping and RVing.


200 Projects Completed

Lisa has spent 20 years in the writing/marketing/news/media industry. She worked for a wholesale company, a college public relations department, for a desktop publisher, and a newspaper. She has been publishing her own grassroots lifestyle magazine for eight years, featuring pieces of her own and of regional volunteer columnists. She has written hundreds of articles, press releases, product descriptions, and more. She is an avid researcher and a speed reader with the ability to create documented footnotes and bibliographies.

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200 Projects Completed

Lisa has been writing columns and articles for monthly and weekly publications for two decades. She has written white papers for businesses and products, booklets for training and education, news articles, columns, blog posts, and stories. Lisa has been writing a column for a rural audience for the last eight years, reaching an average of 45,000 readers monthly. She wrote a weekly column for four years without missing a deadline, and currently writes a spiritual column for a quarterly e-zine. Lisa has the ability to create researched educational pieces on assigned subjects, or reflective pieces related to a theme.

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