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Rachel is a freelance writer who have written for various writing sites on topics relating to business, marketing, travel, entertainment, technology, family, food, and security. She thoroughly researches and writes articles with the question, "what will readers gain from this article."

Her ability to quickly research articles, has allowed her to write on various topics, and take with interesting, well-thought articles, that she can rewrite from a different perspective. And she has improved her writing through webinars, grammar sites, finding new words in the dictionary, and reading books. She is eager and ready to write her next article.


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Rachel has written articles about content marketing, digital marketing, mobile devices, SEO optimization, entrepreneurship, saving money, the cloud, and customer experience.

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Rachel has experience writing articles on many different topics. Her experience has allowed her to become a better writer. She currently is a ghostwriter for another webiste. Her favorite topics to write about are traveling, relationships, marketing, shopping, saving money, parenting, and health.

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