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Ernesto is currently majoring in Nutrition Science with a minor in English at the University of Georgia with plans to enter the research field. Ernesto is well versed on many popular diets and the biochemistry behind them such as the paleo diet, the DASH diet, ketogenic diets, and more. He is also an avid triathlete and active parkour practitioner with a broad knowledge base on everything fitness related. He has trained many people for road races from distances ranging from five kilometers to a half marathon. In addition, Ernesto is well versed in presenting scientific research and information to the everyday reader in a relatable fashion. Ernesto is fluent in Spanish and has achieved mastery with Spanish prose.
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Nutrition, biochemistry, fitness, philosophy, Spanish, copywriting, reviews, translations, hospitality industry, everything science related


Science, exercise, nutrition, philosophy,


University of Georgia


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Majoring in Nutrition Science, Ernesto knows all about what it takes to be healthy. He is knowledgeable in the right foods to eat to ensure optimal health as well as how much exercise is needed to promote your quality of life. Additionally, Ernesto knows about different diseases, their causes, and the latest research on treating them. Some diseases include, but are not limited to: Diabetes, cancer, depression, ADHD, etc.


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This is Ernesto's main area of expertise and the topic he is the most comfortable with. A hopeful future researcher in the field of nutrition, Ernesto is constantly keeping up to date with the latest research, with an emphasis on ketogenic diets. However, Ernesto is no stranger to many other diets. Ernesto studies the biochemistry of food and the human body, and relays the information to the public in an understandable way. Ernesto is also well versed in nutritionally linked diseases, such as diabetes, how to prevent them and treat them.


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Ernesto's insatiable curiosity has ushered in his passion for science as a reliable way of explaining the world. A former biology major, Ernesto switched to Nutrition Science when he found a specific niche of biology that sparked his passion. Ernesto is more than adept at explaining complex scientific concepts in layman's terms. He is constantly up to date on recent research from topics ranging from cosmology to chemistry to ecology.

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Ernesto has ghost written enough blog posts to know how to maintain reader engagement and can paint (almost) any topic in a positive light. Topics he has written about range from fitness, barbecue reviews, vehicle reviews, how-to's for an HVAC company, real estate, and more.

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Ernesto has written reviews for products he hasn't used and received praise for his work. The secret lies in his ability to research the product from multiple platforms and combine his research into thorough and articulate prose. Ernesto has reviewed products such as juicers, barbecue grills, vehicles, and dental implants.

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