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She is an author, attorney, movie producer and historian whose work has appeared in newspapers, magazines and professional journals. She has written on topics ranging from Sherlock Holmes to the laws that apply to outer space. Her writing has been cited by filmmakers, lawyers, geophysicists and rocket scientists. For 25 years she wrote a well-known "pocket tax guide" series that taught writers, teachers, and actors how to fill out their tax returns in simple language.


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Twenty-five years of experience of legal writing ranging from law review papers to magazine articles and simple tax guides for the general public.


She has been a tax attorney since 1988 and advised hundreds of clients. She wrote the simple "pocket tax guide" series for 25 years. She has written a number of articles for magazines on tax topics.


She coauthored and solo authored papers applying to legal principals to induced seismicity and exobiology. The papers were published in legal and scientific journals, and presented at conferences

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Summary of Product Experience


She has written numerous articles for local newspapers, film and marketing trade magazines, scientific journals, and law reviews.

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