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Carmen C is a mother of three amazing, kind, civic minded college men, a project manager and former engineer by trade, an education and childrens advocate, and also the author of Defining Moments and Out On A Limb, both available on Amazon. She is a workshop facilitator, and public speaker on the topics of leadership, women empowerment, and career advancement in the sciences (STEM). She has written articles on self empowerment and finding one's passion with purpose. She has devoted her life to helping others reach their goals and hopes to continue to do so using all of the skills and talents she's acquired and honed over the years.


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A former school board president in the largest public school system in the country, much was learned and as quickly as humanly possible. Training a district's parents that ran upwards of 25,000 was no small feat but with technology and business sense it was made possible. To this day Brooklyn Borough Hall calls the final community event with School District 13 it's largest in its history. Workshop classes with the Girl Scouts of America also provided great learning experiences for young women.

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The responsibility of the Keynote Speaker is to inspire as well as to motivate the listener to seek out paths to move further along. Sometimes you find you can't be there but have the commitment to make sure they hear from you just the same.


Carmen has written articles for digital and print magazines on the topics of self esteem, parenting, inspiration and women in non-traditional roles in Engineering.

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