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Joshua has over five years of professional writing and editing experience in a corporate environment where he currently co-manages an Editorial team. He specializes in top quality written material to accommodate the client's needs and goals. He prides himself on impeccable spelling and grammar usage, and on maintaining readability and tone.

The next step in Joshua's career is to make his mark in the world of copy-writing. He looks forward to meeting the challenge of your request.


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Industry Projects

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Consumer Goods

As a full time job, Joshua creates surveys for a variety of consumer packaged goods, all custom written based on TV and advertising content. Additionally, he works closely with client-facing representatives to accommodate custom requests to surveys, while also adhering to a strict editorial methodology.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Joshua has contributed a number of articles to The Burger Online, a blog showcasing the local arts and music scene in the Tampa Bay area. These articles include reviews of new albums and concert events, and interviews with local event organizers.

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