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Jennifer T
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Louisville, KY
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Jennifer T is different from a lot of other freelancers because she comes from journalism. She knows how to write for a broad audience and produce clean, error-free content.

She'll put her experience in the following areas to work for you:

* Writing: Jennifer has been writing for an audience for many years as a journalist. She'll get to the heart of your content's purpose and connect it to your audience.
* Interviewing and researching: She'll ask questions until she understands your business and products, and your content marketing goals. Jennifer learns what she needs to know by talking to you or your clients, or finding good background sources.
* Meeting deadlines: Deadlines are not just suggestions; they're a binding commitment. In journalism, if Jennifer didn't meet her deadlines, the newspaper didn't get published, and readers were angry. She'll finish your project on time and keep you happy.
* Editing: Jennifer produces clean copy that you won't have to spend a lot of time correcting, and she can edit other people's copy, too. She has worked with editors and project supervisors, and she'll work with you to make sure the copy is what you want.
* Teaching: Five years of teaching college journalism classes have honed Jennifer's ability to explain simple and complex concepts. Once she understands your topic, she can explain it clearly and concisely.

Jennifer has been writing and editing since high school. She did really well on a newspaper assignment in her sophomore English teacher's class. The teacher was also the newspaper adviser, and she begged Jennifer to join the journalism staff. Her destiny was set.

Jennifer decided she wanted to be a professional journalist. She earned both a bachelor's and master's degree in journalism, from Morehead State University and Ohio University respectively. For the first nine years of her career, she grew in her writing and editing skills at a variety of newspapers and magazines.

She learned to be a fast, versatile writer who can take complex information and present it to an audience. Her copyediting skills are almost obsessive-compulsive. She notices errors everywhere, especially online. Misspelled and misused words in blogs and news stories catch her eye, and abused apostrophes and run-on sentences jump right out at her.

Later in Jennifer's career, she grabbed the chance to teach college media classes at two Kentucky regional universities. She taught feature writing and media writing classes, as well as a unique class that instructed students how to tell multimedia stories using a blog.

Jennifer has dedicated her career to writing for the public. She has worked with editors who helped her improve, and she has taught others how to write and edit better. Now, she's using her experience and ability to write and edit great content to help you.
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Higher education, business, health. Articles, case studies, white papers, blog posts, press releases, brochures. Writing, researching and editing.


Piano, guitar, gardening, yoga


Morehead State University

Jennifer earned her undergraduate journalism degree in 3.5 years. She graduated magna cum laude and was a member of the Honors Program.

Ohio University

Jennifer earned her master's degree in journalism after completing her thesis in 2003.


100 Projects Completed

Jennifer specializes in business features and profiles. She has written about small family businesses and local start-ups. Jennifer managed the weekly business section at a local newspaper, where she was in charge of planning and assigning stories, doing her share of the writing, and editing all of the copy. She also wrote for a business magazine in Kentucky.


50 Projects Completed

Jennifer spent five years in higher education, teaching college media writing classes. She also took a few classes in higher education administration, where she learned more about strategic planning and leadership.


100 Projects Completed

Jennifer has written many feature and news articles. She gets to the heart of the story and conveys its essence to an audience. The best articles focus on the people involved and convey the human interest that an audience can relate to.

Blog Post

50 Projects Completed

Jennifer maintained her own blog for several months, where she gave writing and editing advice to help online writers improve their craft. Her versatile writing skills lend themselves well to the shorter sentences and paragraphs, personable tone and approachable style of blog writing.

Press Release

5 Projects Completed

Because of her media experience, Jennifer knows that the best press releases are the ones are written like a news story. A press release must convey why the story is newsworthy enough to be covered by a media outlet. She writes press releases that appeal to editors and news directors, because if the editor or news director likes it, the story is more likely to get coverage.

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