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It was a snowy afternoon in downtown Philadelphia. The cold wind blowing through the urban canyons forced the would be shoppers in doors. In the corner of a coffee shop on Chestnut street, Mark sat safely nestled in a booth.

He took a sip and muttered to himself, "how does one summarize a lifetime of experience?" He had spent years in college, eventually achieving a dual bachelors degree in Biology and German Literature. This piece of paper represented years of work, but lacked substantive experience.

Perhaps it would be wise to mention that he was a graduate student in immunology. He shook his head. Few people truly understood that immunology was the study of the immune system. How could he explain to them that this meant he was working on developing cures for cancer as well as other diseases. Would that even support his claim to be an expert on the sciences?

He sighed an took another sip of his coffee. Perhaps it didn't matter after all. Perhaps the editors would read his work and know that he would be an asset to their site. After all, he was a dedicated worker.
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Mark's specialties include biotechnology as well as general science and medical pieces. He is currently engaged in active cancer research as a graduate student, and has a great deal of experience in the hard sciences.


Mark enjoys swimming, reading, and going for walks with his wife and dog.


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Mark is a graduate student in immunology. He has published multiple academic papers and is now venturing into the venue of popular science writing. In addition to working on a graduate degree in the hard sciences, he holds a bachelors degree in biology. As well as his academic pursuits, mark is a licensed EMT working as a volunteer ambulance driver.

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Mark has written many blog posts for several different providers. These blogs are most often in the area of health or science, specifically biotechnology.

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