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Words are powerful creatures. With the ability to both build up and tear down nations, those who wield them skillfully become modern warriors in the age of information. Granted, the writer of this very summary is a United States Marine Veteran of Iraq and gets a kick out of at least considering that possibility. However, it is no less true or relevant.

Approximately 7 months ago, the author started a blog. With the original intent of reaching dozens, this blog took off to achieve over 230,000 page views in the first 7 months. Writing heavily about current events and Veteran issues, the writer strikes a serious tone infused with a certain wit that engages well with the reader. Who said serious stuff can't be funny?

The blog after all has the subheading, A Blog About Stuff. Given that blogging actually cost money and the author's children like eating every day and not just some, freelance writing opportunities began to spring up in order to cover blogging expenses. Editors for other websites began to reach out to the author for guest posts as they enjoyed his tone and wit.

The author also took to other freelancing sites to gather a few jobs which was all nice and swell. However, when directed to Writer Access, the author knew he had seen the light. Writer Access seems to be the premier forum for freelance writing. Consequently, taking the unique tone and wit that has served his own blog well, it is time to bring a unique asset to Writer Access.

When in the course of human events one needs a unique author to satisfy unique clients, they reach out to this author 105% of the time. It is time for Writer Access to access a future without precedent.
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This writer runs a blog known for it's humor and wit. Somehow, the author is even able to take some of the most serious issues and strike a humorous tone that both informs and entertains. The author wrote an article on Ebola titled, Ebola Nurse: The Most Selfish Hero You Will Ever Meet. This article was viewed over 15,000 times and widely shared on social media.

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This author runs a successful blog which has gained over 230,000 page views in the first 7 months and has a growing social media presence.


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Based on the success of the author's blog, websites have reached out to the author for freelance article writing.

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