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When does experience really begin? That's a difficult question for Andrea to answer. Her earliest memories of writing were around the age of ten. She wrote and illustrated a "Muppet Magazine," full of attention-grabbing headlines and corresponding pieces having to do with Miss Piggy and Kermit, neatly bound with pink yarn. Andrea also wrote, by hand, two books around that same age. The first--about a magical world that could be accessed through a large hole in a neighborhood tree trunk. A young girl stumbles across this magical entrance and finds herself in another world where a war was being waged by trolls against the unicorns that roamed the land. They were captured and chained to stakes in the ground. This young girl soon came to realize that she was only one who could save them. The second book Andrea wrote was a biography of a cat named "Princess," and her adventures with the family who adopted and rescued her from life in a shelter.
But if experience begins with printed material that was actually read by someone other than her parents, then Andrea's earliest experience with writing and journalism was in high school where she was co-editor of its paper back in 1989. However, a little, local publication (circulated to the actual public) was the first real newspaper to publish some of Andrea's articles while she was in high school. The very first was about her French pen pal, his first trip to America to visit her after the two corresponded for three years, and his perceptions of America. The paper didn't pay for the piece, but it gave Andrea her first published clips to put in her portfolio. More importantly, it was a first taste of freelance writing, and the beginning of an addiction to bylines.
Since then, Andrea has been published in countless magazines and newspapers. She managed a wildlife sanctuary in Texas after graduating from college where she listened to complaints and concerns about wildlife-related problems for two years, eventually turning the most frequently-asked questions and subsequent answers into helpful articles--like what to do if you find a baby bird. They eventually led to a published book on how to co-exist with wildlife.
Andrea knew she wanted to be a journalist. After her years at the sanctuary, she enrolled in a Masters of Journalism program at Concordia University in Montreal. She freelanced throughout the program, publishing articles in community newspapers and magazines, and eventually the city's Montreal Gazette. Her mandatory internship was at the prominent Kingston Whig-Standard in Ontario where various assignments resulted in published articles with her byline! The last story she wrote made the front page. It was a piece on finances co-authored with a staff writer.
Ironically Andrea pursued broadcast journalism, even though her specialty was in print. She was a television reporter for 17 years, learning how to write in short, fragmented sentences, and was often criticized for writing pieces that were too long and contained too much information! She turned many of her "big" stories into published magazines articles after taking home the quotes and notes from her tape logs. She'd write into the wee hours of the morning in order to finish the pieces while the information was still fresh in her mind.
Andrea's currently trying to secure a freelance writing career from home to support her while she works on her ultimate goal--books filled with creative, non-fiction, and novels for children!


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Andrea has written countless articles on wildlife and how to co-exist with wildlife. She spent two years managing a wildlife sanctuary outside of San Antonio, Texas where she helped injured and orphaned wildlife, as well as exotic ex-pets like jaguars, mountain lions, and bears. She published a book to help people learn how to co-exist with wild animals, and how to humanely deal with wildlife problems. Below is a news story that was turned into an article; it has to do with the growing problem of oil and gas drilling disrupting Colorado's wildlife population.


Andrea has a love for animals, and has a great deal of experience with them. She worked at her neighborhood veterinary clinic for six years while she was a teenager, and was part of the medical team at a wildlife sanctuary in Texas where she worked for two years. She was a television reporter for 17 years, and found many opportunities to do stories on pets and pet care. She currently has two cats and three horses. The piece below is part of an article that she's working on about hind end paralysis in cats.


Although the bulk of Andrea's writing has had to do with gardening, wildlife, and pets, during her 17 years as a television reporter she wrote countless articles on a variety of other topics. Reporters are expected to become experts on any given subject on any given day, making her realize that she was not limited to subjects that she was personally familiar with. Her experience as a TV reporter made her realize that she fit the phrase: "Jack of all trades, master of none." The point is, no matter the topic or assignment, Andrea is confident she can research and produce the information and content necessary to meeting the objective and give the readers what they need and want. She developed excellent research skills during her years as a reporter, and has decided that there are no limits to what she can write about. Below is an excerpt from a book she is working on about her experiences as a television reporter.

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Andrea has not only written several pieces on wildlife, she also writes about a variety of other subjects including gardening, pets, and anything else that might interest her. She has been involved in gardening and raising plants since she was a child. She worked at a veterinary clinic for six years, a part-time gig that began while she was in junior high school and continued through her college years as she would fill in at her neighborhood vet clinic when she came come from school. Andrea was a docent at the county parks department in her home town, learning all about the local flora and fauna and relaying that information to the public through nature walks and display copy. Andrea is also an equestrian. She has been riding for the past 25 years and currently has three horses of her own, one of which she is training herself. This piece is an article on horse care.


Andrea has published one book on how to co-exist with wildlife. She is currently in the process of publishing another book on her most memorable experiences and stories during her 17 years as a television reporter. This sample is an excerpt from her book.

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