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Shakti S
Writer #11234
Joined 2/18/2015
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712 Projects
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Shakti S. has been a freelance writer since 2012. She has written for many different online publications and has extensive experience in copywriting, commercial writing, blog posts, fiction, and advertising. She specializes in commercial websites and promotional pieces for small businesses as well as entertainment industry articles and home living guides.

Her areas of expertise are:

• entertainment
• consumer goods
• travel
• home living
• outdoors and recreation
• advertisements, blog posts, and articles
• product descriptions
• small businesses

Consumer goods and product descriptions

• catalog listings
• reviewing the functions and performance of various equipment
• product comparisons
• product descriptions for a sporting supply company

Articles and blog posts for small businesses

• incorporating SEO keywords into blog posts
• advertising and promotional pieces
• motivate to purchases articles
• how-to guides
• SEO blog posts


• listicles
• click-through pieces
• engagement lists
• articles related to both current and classic TV shows, movies, and celebrities.
• Popular TV Shows and movies
• retro entertainment articles for different eras

Home living

• home decoration and style guides
• lifestyle tips
• house and apartment listings.
• decorating guides
• how-to articles
Real Estate
Home Living
Consumer Goods
Blog Post
Product Description
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