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A fan of puns, hockey and building awesome customer relationships, Kristin works exclusively with WriterAccess Enterprise clients to help them to take content marketing to its zenith. She on-boards new clients, helps set-up new projects for existing clients, and is an expert in getting content created with the high volume, quality and speed needed in today's environment. Personal interests include running, cooking, canning, and things like heading a charity for Boston's Children's Hospital. She couldn't live without her computer, would rather live without her commute, and totally gets her money's worth out of her Netflix subscription.


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Kristin has written content featured on the Extra-Life Charity blog. Extra-Life runs a yearly game-a-thon that raises money for Children Hospitals around the country.

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In her time at WriterAccess, Kristin has been featured on the blog talking about best business practices and inbound marketing.

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