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Dave is an experienced consumer electronics industry veteran, having managed multiple staffs in small specialty and large retail stores alike. His sales and leadership roles include marketing director of a well-known St. Louis-area home theater and audio store. In addition to these roles, David holds a degree in public relations from Webster University, a school globally recognized for its communications programs. David has been writing professionally since 2009, having authored thousands of pieces for various general interest, home improvement and sports-related websites. David continues to aid small startup businesses with their public relations and marketing programs, with five-star ratings on two major online freelance hiring websites.


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Industry Projects

  • Electronics100+
  • Marketing20+

Summary of Industry Experience


David has extensive expertise in the sales, design and installation of numerous mid-to-high-end home theater, home and mobile audio systems, staff management and marketing directorship.


David has created, managed and assisted in developing multiple campaigns for large and small organizations. Ha has wide-ranging expertise devloping press releases, executive biographies and numerous other communications documents.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Press Release20+

Summary of Product Experience


David has authored thousands of pieces spanning the consumer electronics, home improvement, business and sports categories.

Blog Post

David is an experienced blogger for technical and business-related content. Author of multiple ghost pieces for numerous sites.

Press Release

David authored and distributed multiple press releases for small startups and major companies, working closely with clients in each case to develop the strongest possible messaging.

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