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Ladan's career in journalism began in high school where as Editor of Photography for the Yearbook Committee she pursued a coveted press pass to meet and photograph Bill Clinton during his second Presidential Campaign. Many of Ladan’s essays and speeches have garnered her awards, honorable mentions and, her favorite, public speaking opportunities.

With a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, Law & Society, Ladan has used her textbook knowledge to gain first hand experience with work in print, online and broadcast journalism. Having attended hundreds of red carpet premieres and press junkets, Ladan has written newspaper and magazine articles as well as researched, written, produced and co-edited entertainment programs for several national and international outlets.

Ladan has served as the English Editor-in-Chief for two international publications, served as the English speaking newscaster for an internationally broadcast news channel, hosted an entertainment show about the latest in music and movies and hosted a fan driven web series about popular events taking place in different cities throughout the world.

With two toddlers only 15 months apart, Ladan has spent the last few years in pajama’s and a ponytail, striving to raise happy babies while functioning on coffee and just enough sleep. She has chronicled the overwhelming moments along with the abrupt changes that come with motherhood in a memoir which she hopes to publish one day soon.

With a love for adventure and travel, Ladan has, to name a few: backpacked through Europe, studied at the University of Barcelona in Spain, enjoyed the weekend long festivities of Carnaval in Brazil and re-acquainted with her family roots in Iran. It’s not surprising that she fell in love and married an Englishman and therefore travels to London regularly to visit her extended family.


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In the last decade, Ladan has interviewed hundreds of celebrities for print, online and television. A self proclaimed entertainment junkie, Ladan has the most amount of knowledge when it comes to entertainment news and Hollywood gossip. Ladan can write a passionate article about anything entertainment: George Clooney's new wife, Angelina Jolie directing movies, Frozen smashing box office records? As long as it falls under entertainment, Ladan will go above and beyond your expectations.


Married since 2008 with two kids under the age of 5, Ladan's life revolves around her family. A fully hands on, stay at home mom, Ladan considers herself an expert on how to keep today's modern family happy and functioning. Breastfeeding, potty training, playdates, mommy and me classes-Ladan has done them all...twice! Since no kid is the same, what applied to her first born almost never worked with the second, garnering her more experience and understanding with today's mom. With a mommy blog and a mommy memoir in the works, Ladan has worked hard enough to boast a significantly exceptional level of expertise in the genre of kids and family!


Ladan knows a thing or two about what it's like to be a woman. Having lived the last 3 and a half decades as a female has been quite an experience. As a wife and mother, she has a new perspective on what women are capable of and how amazing their body works. An avid reader, Ladan also follows many women's magazines as well female authors and women empowering books. With an array of life experiences under her belt, Ladan can write a novel about the female species, young and old.

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A public speaker at heart, Ladan dreams of public speaking for a living. She has written many speeches that have garnered her awards and, even better, the podium and microphone. As the baccalaureate speaker in her senior year of high school to the grass roots campaign on Capitol Hill, Ladan has always been writing and giving speeches. With a passionate voice and a strong stance, Ladan can turn any speech into a powerful and moving presentation.


With a knack for words, Ladan can very easily write until her fingers turn blue. This always surprises her as she is very selective and limited with her words when it comes to speaking, but with the pen and paper, she can go on and on. Though she is not yet a published author, Ladan is currently finishing up her first novel, in the midst of writing a mommy memoir and, thanks to her daughters, has written the content for two children's books. Ladan is working toward finishing her novel in order to begin the submission process, with hopes of being published before the end of 2015.


Over the years, Ladan has written hundreds of articles on an array of topics. Her experience enables her to be open to clients preferred writing styles and formats as well as be versatile with many different genres of work. As a seasoned journalist, Ladan understands that articles vary in style, prose and format based on what publication and outlet is behind it. She is also aware of the importance of being able to decipher the tone of the article prior to putting it all together with strong, relatable, and reader friendly content.

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Ladan worked for a web-site that required employees to blog daily. That's where she fell in love with the concept and went on to create her very own personal blog. Ladan is fascinated by the idea of writing and publishing a post that will, through SEO, reach out to readers instantly and allow them to comment back. With so many social media outlets, it's become the norm to make our daily lives public to the outside world through pictures, videos, and words.

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