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As a college student, this is Munawar's first foray into professional writing. Despite no relevant experience, Munawar has been writing constantly for academic purposes, including important analysis of contemporary American politics and critiques of Platonic philosophy. Through his academic writings, Munawar has learned various methods and techniques of writing that have allowed him to develop as a writer.
Recently, Munawar has begun to write more creatively, as he is a English major, with a concentration in Creative Writing. He has been working extensively on short stories and poems, and hopes to be published in the near-future.
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With a background in academic writing, Munawar specializes in expository writing, a piece where he can explain the ins-and-outs of a specific topic. This specialization in expository writing also ties into his ability to write journalistic pieces, where he can report facts in an organized, coherent manner.
As a Creative Writing, Munawar's interests lie in descriptive and narrative writing, where he can flex his creative muscles and allow for the piece to grow in imaginary ways.


Munawar is an avid sports fan, and regularly follows the NFL, NHL, CFB, and European soccer.
As a college student in New York City, Munawar is also actively involved in local politics and regularly follows the political machine on Capitol Hill.
Munawar enjoys anime, gritty dramas similar to True Detective and The Leftovers, and a large selection of crime drama films and tv.


Hunter College

Munawar currently attends Hunter College, where, after bouncing between various areas of study, he finally settled on majoring in English, with a focus in Creative Writing in Fiction. As an urban dweller, Munawar has also shown a keen interest and taken courses in Urban Development and Urban Politics, while also studying American Politics. His interest in metaphysics has led him to undergo studies in Ancient Greek Philosophy, which led him to declare Philosophy as a minor, where he will focus on Existensialism, studying Kierkegaard, Nietzche, and various other prolific philosophers of the field.


5 Projects Completed

Munawar has worked with clients to write articles various food topics, especially in the Brooklyn area. His focus has been up and coming restaurants that have not had large amounts of exposure. Mostly, he has worked with small websites that cater specifically to certain neighborhoods, and whose focus is to provide information to non-residents who are looking to find specific information about certain neighborhoods.


3 Projects Completed

Munawar has worked on blog posts, writing on NFL related matters, specifically leading up to the annual NFL draft. Some of the aspects of the sport that Munawar has focused on include player analysis, player development, and post-Draft analysis of teams.


1 Projects Completed

Using his academic background, Munawar has written articles about the state of the US government, and maintained a blog about it with articles addressing issues such as elections, congressional polarization, and legal decisions. Munawar has also written some articles providing commentary and analysis on presidential and congressional actions.

Blog Post

5 Projects Completed

Munawar has worked on blog posts, specifically pertaining to various topics regarding New York City. These blogs have been tailored to provide information to people who are coming into New York and are looking to attain an understanding of certain neighborhoods and their demographics.

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