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Caroline has been writing online for over 7 years and received a score in the 96% percentile on the GRE while applying to graduate school. She has been at WriterAccess for two years and in that time, she has sold over 3,200 orders to happy customers. She currently has a ~13% "Exceeds" rating return on her work and is constantly trying to increase that percentage by pleasing clients.

She takes great pride in her work and is constantly improving her craft. She graduated with her MBA in December 2014 and has further developed her writing skills since graduation. She can even write articles in British English when required, as she has become educated in the differences in the dialect and spelling.

She has worked in the marketing and real estate field for over 2 years. She studied marketing and public relations during her undergraduate career. She currently works at a large consulting firm in the human resources capacity. Previously, she worked in the business, human resources, and agriculture field at a pest control company.

She absolutely loves to write. It is something that comes naturally to her and she is always looking for any opportunity to expand her skills and knowledge. That being said, there are very few articles she will not accept on a basic level so she can learn more about the world around us.

Reviews received from clients via mail messaging at WriterAccess:

- Career: "Excellent! Saved you to my list!"

- B2B: "Perfect! Thank you!"

- Marketing: "Great job, Caroline! I like your writing. I can definitely use you for future projects. It's awesome - thanks!"

- Home Living: "Great job!"

- Travel: "Hi Caroline, I truly appreciate your work and your effort to pen down such a good article. Thanks a ton! Loved working with you."

- Sports: "Great work."

- Technology: "Caroline, keep coming up with catchy, sexy, eye popping titles and I will keep giving you more work. You're my number one writer right now."

- Auto: "Thank you for quick turnaround. I appreciate your work."

- Real Estate: "Excellent! Just what I wanted :) Thank you!"
"Thank you for your hard work, looking forward to keep you busy with other projects!"
"I like your conversational tone––thank you for your work."

- Health: "Great job!" "Excellent job! Thank you!"

- Green Living: "Great! Thank you. Looking forward to working on more orders together!"

Business: "Thanks Caroline :-)! Amazing work, and I will use you in the future!"
"Thank you for the great job!"

- Construction: "Good work! Thanks for writing this piece."

- Consumer Goods: "Nicely done. Thank you."
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Business, Marketing, Real Estate, Property Management, Human Resources


Photography, Blog Posts, SEO articles, News, Business Presentations, Press Releases


Georgia College and State University

The program provided by the institution is an MBA cohort for the non-business major. As a result, Cara was able to obtain her business degree without an undergraduate degree in business.


631 Projects Completed

Caroline has written her fair share of business oriented articles. She completed many while studying for her MBA but has also been paid to write these types of articles. She has grown quite fond of business oriented projects.

Real Estate

626 Projects Completed

While working in real estate, she had to research and learn much about the industry. She has been writing for real estate for 2 years and has written on topics such as buying tips, importance of insurance, and much more.


351 Projects Completed

When it comes to writing marketing projects, Caroline understands the difference between creating spam and quality work. She began writing marketing pieces during her undergraduate career and now gets paid to write on the subject and market various businesses.


339 Projects Completed

Caroline began learning more about IT and other popular forms of technology while in college. It is a subject she enjoys and has been working with computers for as long as she can remember. She does her best to stay on top of current trends in the industry so she can formulate accurate articles to educate readers.


323 Projects Completed

Not only has Caroline taken several legal courses throughout her college and post-graduate career, but she also worked for a legal office for several months in 2013 and 2014. She enjoys the subject and understands the lingo that accompanies it.


243 Projects Completed

Caroline not only believes in life-long learning, but she also has obtained two higher education degrees and constantly strives for more. She has written countless articles about online learning and has experience working in the higher education field. She is very passionate about education and often encourages others through her writing on the subject.

Home Living

214 Projects Completed

Caroline transitioned her real estate experience into home living writing beginning in 2015. She has written a variety of topics included in the industry such as home decor tips, better home buying and renting tips, and ways to make any space feel more like home. There really is no place like home and it is important to make your living space as warm and inviting as possible. Caroline loves this phrase and gets many of her tips from her daily home living techniques.


213 Projects Completed

Caroline has not only written several articles in the finance, budgeting, and investing field, but she also enjoys researching it for her own life. She finds the subject to be very important to the success of an individual for the long term. She values this importance and shows this through her writing on the subject. She has taken a handful of courses in the finance field both during her undergraduate career and during her graduate program. Since 2013, finance has sparked Caroline's interest and she is constantly researching new topics in the field. In her daily job, she works directly under the CFO and assists with organization and analyzes financial reports and data for the company.

Green Living

39 Projects Completed

Green Living is a popular topic and Caroline has recently started writing on the subject. As more and more people become interested in living a green life, this industry will only become more popular. Caroline has written a variety of topics in this industry that range from solar panel installation, sustainable resources, green business, and resource conservation.

Blog Post

3,373 Projects Completed

Caroline has been writing blog posts for profit and for personal pleasure for over ten years. She has used that time to improve her writing as you can see below in a recent piece of work.


1,390 Projects Completed

Caroline has written several types of articles, ranging from informational, instructional, and even promotional. She has written well over 50 during her freelance career. Please review the sample below for her writing style. The example is a promotional article.

Web Page

802 Projects Completed

Caroline has written copy for more than 150 websites, over 100 through WriterAccess. She started out writing copy for her own personal website in college as an assignment. She no longer maintains that website but it gave her substantial perspective from the client standpoint. Because of this, she is able to provide content that clients are looking for as well as content that meets their needs. She has written landing pages, web content, and further detailed copy as needed.

Press Release

497 Projects Completed

Caroline has been writing press releases since she was a sophomore in college. She began writing press releases in classes as a requirement of her Public Relations degree. Later during her college career, she wrote press releases for clients in the area. After graduation, she began writing press releases in her free time on freelance websites and has enjoyed the writing type ever since.

Twitter Post

222 Projects Completed

Caroline has written Twitter posts for clients since Twitter became popular. During her undergraduate career, she took a course that focused completely on Twitter. During the course, she learned the art of the Twitter post and has perfected this skill for many years. She understands the need to meet the 140 character maximum and how to convey pertinent information in so few characters.

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