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Christa has been a freelance writer for the past four years. Previous to writing, she works as a reporter and as a human resources manager and director. She is proficient in SEO and has worked for a number of private clients in the US, UK and Australia.


Christa specializes in writing about travel, health, employment, business and art, though she is well versed in other topics.


Travel, food, wine, animals, fitness and health.


Cleveland State University

Christa completed a post-bacc degree in communications from Cleveland State University. She concentrated in journalism and TV and radio broadcasting.

Wittenberg University

Christa earned her BA in History from Wittenberg University. She wrote her final thesis on King Arthur of the Britons. She titled it, "The Legendary King Arthur: Man or Myth?"


102 Projects Completed

Before beginning her career as a freelancer, Christa worked in the human resources field for several years. Since becoming a freelance writer, she has worked for several clients in the human resources and employment industries to write articles, blogs, newsletters and other mediums. She continues to stay updated on human resources best practices and employment law.


102 Projects Completed

Christa currently is employed as a staff writer for one of the top entertainment news websites on the Internet. She writes and publishes breaking entertainment news, writes recaps of popular television shows and writes opinion pieces on entertainment news.


65 Projects Completed

Christa is not only an avid traveler, she has worked for a number of clients with their travel projects. She has traveled throughout the US, Europe, Canada and Mexico.


148 Projects Completed

Christa has worked with a number of companies to write articles to promote their goods and services. As an article writer, she ensures that the work she does works in the best interest of the client. She also focuses on engaging the reader with the written word.

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