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Over 5 years experience as a website content writer and blog writer. Rita prides herself in supplying her clients with original and unique articles. She is organized and self-motivated.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Rita enjoys making crafts, as well as teaching others how to make different things. She especially enjoys working with children, and helping them with different craft projects. She also enjoys making things for her home, such as her own decorative pillows, wall art, stenciling, and re-purposing items. She currently writes craft blog posts and articles for a client.

Green Living

Rita is interested in the environment and green living. She currently writes for a client that has a website focused on green living tips and ideas. She has written how to create a rain barrel to be used for watering gardens, information about solar panels, changes to make around the home, recycling, and more.


Rita currently has two dogs and two cats, and a few strays outside that come to their home for food. She is an avid animal lover, and currently writes articles for an animal rescue group, a local veterinarian in her area, and a client that owns their own pet store.


Rita has managed her own computer support business for 15 years out of her home. During this time, she has written articles for several small business owners in her area concerning tips for starting up a new business, how to increase customer base, importance of worker’s compensation, and many more business related topics.


Rita has worked in a nursery caring for annual and perennial flowers, including watering and fertilizing. She volunteers her time helping landscapers in her area to create beautiful flower gardens. She currently writes for several clients who are in the gardening industry. She provides them with a variety of articles including how to take care of flowers, how to plant flowers, choosing the best flowers for a flowerbed, and how to design the flowerbed.


Rita has an associates degree in computer information systems and has worked in this field for over 10 years. She wrote documentation for several companies outlining the procedures for supporting users.

Rita has written for a variety of clients that have websites and blogs in the technology industry. She writes articles on subjects such as how to remove a virus from a computer, how to scan a computer for hardware, the different types of computers and how to choose the one best for you, and much more. She also writes troubleshooting articles helping readers how to repair their computer.


Rita worked at a hair salon while she was going through college, and learned a lot about the beauty industry. Later, she wrote articles for several hair salons in her area offering beauty tips on hairstyles, makeup, skin care, and clothing styles. She follows many beauty and fashion blogs, and writes guest posts for many of them.


Rita’s family owns an appliance service business, and she helped with the business as she was growing up. During this time, she became experienced in many areas, such as how to maintain the appliances to keep them running, how to fix common problems, and more. She started a website for the business, and currently writes the articles and blog posts for it.


Many clients that Rita writes for are in the construction industry. She writes article in a wide range of topics, such as safety on the construction site, heavy equipment renting and leasing, information about different types of equipment used, and many more. She maintains blogs and websites for these clients on a regular basis.

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Summary of Product Experience


Rita currently writes approximately 10 to 15 articles per day in a variety of niches, such as plumbing, legal, gardening, computers, smartphones, construction, contractors, dental, and more for several clients. She is experienced in writing articles that have over 600 words, as well as shorter 300 to 400 word articles.

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