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With over thirteen years as a transportation planner in the public sector, Ken has developed an expertise for writing with clarity and focus. He is often tasked to break down complex legislative processes so that they can be be easily understood by the public.

His work is dedicated towards drafting public documents, presentations, brochures and websites -- all which aim to educate local and state leaders, and most importantly, the motoring public, on the process of financing road construction. He finds that helping citizens understand exactly where their tax dollars are spent through his writing is a very rewarding endeavor.

Since his work will be distributed to the public, great care must be taken to ensure the work is factual, written in a general format that is easy to understand (e.g. bullet points and infographics).


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Transportation planners in the public sector are required to know all facets of how roads are built and managed. With over thirteen years of experience, Ken has put his writing skills to good use when preparing background briefs that have ultimately been used by the state Governor. He is adept at writing press releases to help journalists prepare stories regarding the progress of large scale transportation construction projects, as well as promoting initiatives such as facilities for pedestrians and mass transit.


Using his 20+ years of experience as a Petroleum Supply Technician in the US Army Reserve, Ken has developed a keen understanding of the logistical process of servicing the battlefield with fuel. During his last deployment to Afghanistan he was tasked with providing expert guidance to Generals in several areas of the country. He wrote about the challenges of providing fuel on the battlefield and was published in Army Sustainment Magazine.

A brief sample of that article is contained below.

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