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Perrin has completed much freelance work writing content for various websites websites. She has recently focused on writing about many types of software in the corporate world, but is well versed in many writing styles including advertising, SEO writing, and more formal writing. When provided enough information, she is confident that she can write on many different topics in the style the client prefers.
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Business and website content writing


Business, Music, Travel, Health, Technology, Reviews, Summaries


30 Projects Completed

Perrin has completed many software writing projects for use in web content. Much of the software writing has been focused on human resource software utilized by companies. Perrin is comfortable researching software and summarizing its key features as well as comparing the software's features to competitors.


10 Projects Completed

Perrin has written many advertising pieces for different beauty products to be used on various websites. The style of these pieces is typically more persuasive and informal. The purpose of these pieces is to generally interest the audience in trying the product.


9 Projects Completed

Perrin has written detailed more formal pieces on manufacturing. Researching current prices and trends is important in gathering information about manufacturing in assorted markets. The style of the manufacturing pieces is dependent on client needs and can be altered to suit the clients.

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42 Projects Completed

Perrin has completed many writing projects summarizing, comparing, and contrasting different facets of many different products. Most of her recent work has been in human resource software. Given a product's name, Perrin can research the product and pinpoint its important features, often organized and categorized in bullet point lists. Perrin is familiar with many writing styles and is dedicated to providing clients with the style that aligns with their needs.

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