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Juanita V
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Juanita is an online ESL instructor for South Korean students, ages varying from kindergarten to middle age. She is very active in their educational progress, formulating curriculum specifically for their needs, helping them work through grammar and vocabulary text books, business English courses, current events, or free-talking conversation. Some students submit compositions which Juanita edits and revises for improved grammatical structure and reading flow. She must submit clear and concise bi-monthly progress reports for the students and/or their parents.

Juanita loves to write, as is evident from her prolific correspondence, poems and reflective pieces which have amassed throughout her life, although only select pieces have been published as yet. For her, writing is the best way to "talk" and to process logically the simple and complex aspects of daily life. She is a natural editor and precise speller, and she loves using a divers vocabulary and writing in an easy, engaging, conversational style.
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