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Not everyone can make a living doing something they enjoy. Luckily for Anwar, writing is a lifelong passion, and he's been fortunate enough to have worked with more than 1,000 clients who were just as enthused about his output.

Anwar has been writing since childhood. His earliest work was actually the result of repetitive classroom punishment, a la Bart Simpson. Today, he's glad to put those admittedly painful memories to more constructive use by supporting himself and no small number of cats.
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Anwar's writing experience includes, but is not limited to, SEO, homepages, ad campaigns, legal content, privacy policies, white papers, product descriptions, editorials, dietary nutrition and politics.


In his spare time, Anwar enjoys hobby electronics, art making, animal welfare, gardening, cycling and 3D printing.


Radford University

While at Radford University, Anwar pursued skills in a variety of artistic fields to supplement his earlier technical educational background. While receiving direct training in the printing industry by working to support his education, he was introduced to the world of commercial writing.


947 Projects Completed

Anwar has written a few hundred SEO-aware news blogs covering diverse legal topics. He has also created Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use agreements for websites. His expertise includes legal domains like probate, estate, taxation, criminal justice, employment, occupational safety, personal injury, divorce, immigration, bankruptcy and business formation law.


515 Projects Completed

Anwar knows what makes marketing content stand out. He routinely applies his bold writing style and flair for vivid wording to create product descriptions, advertising copy, native advertising, social media posts and articles that transform casual readers into devoted consumers.

His proven expertise includes one-off projects for numerous startups and small firms. He's also no stranger to writing ongoing blog series for companies that want to inject fresh life into their branding.

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1,129 Projects Completed

Anwar uses SEO methods to create memorable, organic content that fosters reader interest. His blog-writing expertise includes everything from native advertising to technical how-to guides.

Anwar's knowledge ensures that the content he creates always enlightens readers. He's proficient at pulling key information from scientific journals and other specialized sources. In short, his blogs and articles tell stories as they inform.

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