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Marketing and technical copywriter and editor with a background in SEO, content marketing, and behavioral psychology.

Casey has several years of experience writing marketing copy and knowledge-base articles for tech and finance startups, publishing houses, and marketing agencies.

He has built and implemented marketing strategies for small businesses, bringing together website development and online, social, and print advertising campaigns. These marketing efforts have driven measurable positive impacts on traffic, sales, and user retention.


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Casey S's Publishing Industry Experience

15 Projects Completed

Casey has written web content, sales pages, and newsletter materials for several print publishing companies, and has a strong understanding of the industry.

Industry Projects

  • Search Marketing20+
  • Marketing20+
  • Technology20+
  • Medical10+
  • Publishing10+
  • Web Development10+
  • Finance5

Summary of Industry Experience

Search Marketing

Casey started copywriting as a Wordpress manager, restructuring medical-industry blogs to optimize search engine traffic. He copyedited articles for clients, and soon began writing blog posts and web pages from scratch.

His fluid writing style and eye for detail lend themselves well to copywriting, and his freelance experience and careful study of industry leaders have honed his content marketing skills.


Casey has a strong background in SEO and content marketing, beginning with his first positions as a WordPress manager and developer. Building on his web design experience, Casey has created and implemented marketing plans for a number of clients, ranging from social-media campaigns to comprehensive branding, design, and marketing strategy plans.

He stays abreast of industry developments, and has a deep understanding of behavioral psychology, neuroscience, and traditional marketing techniques that inform his work.


Casey has a strong background in tech, and has worked closely with a number of startups, helping develop marketing campaigns and contributing various types of content. He has a deep interest in the field, and is always interested in learning more.


Casey has written for holistic and traditional medical blogs, and has a strong research background in the field.


Casey has written web content, sales pages, and newsletter materials for several print publishing companies, and has a strong understanding of the industry.

Web Development

Casey has a strong background in web development, beginning with Microsoft Frontpage over a decade ago. He has worked as a Wordpress developer+designer, and is proficient in HTML and CSS.

He is currently learning Python and Javascript, with the eventual goal of becoming a proficient full-stack developer.


Casey has been a financial auditor, forensic accountant, and 501(c)(3) treasurer.

Drawing on his industry background, he recently started writing blog and knowledge-base articles for financial service providers.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post20+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

About half of Casey's copywriting work experience has focused on blog content creation. While content farms have increased in number, search engines have worked hard to trim the fat from search results. Quality content is a natural driver of SEO, and there really are no shortcuts. Casey's blog articles and knowledge base materials are effective at drawing and converting web traffic and searches into recurring readers and customers.

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